‘Link in Bio’ Allows Clubhouse Master Moderator Isis Djata to Follow Her Dreams & Grow Her Business

Filmmaker and Clubhouse Moderator Isis Djata takes full advantage of her Link In Bio to showcase her talents and expand her business.

Isis Djata is no stranger to being her own boss. After a career in healthcare, Djata quit her job to focus on her passions. Since then, she’s written & directed her own television series and created an investment-focused Clubhouse room with over 20,000 followers. 


Link services like Linktree are a powerful way to grow your social media presence.

Djata prefers Koji for her “Link in Bio” because of the hundreds of add-ons it comes with.

Packed with features for monetization and engagement, Djata uses it to direct followers to watch her Vimeo reel while supplementing the experience with interactive modules like her tip jar.

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Previously, Djata had to appeal to followers directly by sending them to her Venmo or PayPal accounts. Now, with the Tip Jar inside her link in bio, fans can donate any amount they like without leaving the app or the social network they’re using. 

Djata also utilizes her profile to promote her new series “Mob Mentality”, as well as her growing moderator services business.

Have a look at Isis Djata’s profile for yourself, or visit the Koji Template Store for more ideas on how to grow and engage audiences through your link in bio.