How to Create and Mint an NFT Inside Your Link in Bio

Whether you’ve already started selling NFTs or you’re looking to establish a convenient way to do so, Koji’s Link in Bio offers a streamlined way to create and mint your NFT with the Create an NFT mini-app. Creators of all types – YouTubers, TikTokers, musicians, graphic artists – will find this mini-app helpful for incorporating NFTs into their businesses and lives. Get ready to leap into the Web3 ecosystem with this easy-to-use tool built for creators. 

As an Artist, Why Should I Create my NFTs using the Create an NFT mini-app?

  • Creating an NFT through the mini-app can bring your community of fans and followers together in one place, where they can buy your NFT and engage with your other content through your Link in Bio.
  • Your NFT can help unite your community around a piece of art you create, strengthening your ties with community members and allowing them to own something of value on the blockchain.

How to Use the Create an NFT Mini-app to Create and Mint an NFT

To create an NFT through the mini-app, navigate to the Koji App Store and add the Create an NFT mini-app to your Link in Bio.

  • You will be prompted to choose either the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain for minting, and you can choose either one. Keep in mind that the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain is more popular with more people using it to buy and sell NFTs, but the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain is less expensive for minting NFTs. You can choose the option that is best for you.

Now it’s time to get that NFT artwork of yours ready.

  • You’ll be prompted to upload an image of your artwork, give it a catchy name and a description. 
  • You can also give your NFT a fitting symbol, which will appear along with your NFT on etherscan. 
  • Specify the Max Supply, which is the number of replicates you’re creating, and the Mint Price, which is the price you want to charge for your NFT. Keep in mind, the Mint Price here is in cryptocurrency terms (e.g.- ETH) and not dollars, so remember to price accordingly. 
  • Next, you’ll be able to pay a small gas fee using your Web3 crypto wallet. Koji has a built in crypto wallet or you can use an external wallet such as Metamask. On the web3 transaction screen, you’ll see the fees associated with deploying your NFT contract and you can go ahead and pay. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget to publish the app to your Link in Bio! If you skip this step, your audience will not be able to mint your NFTs.

Now you’ve created your NFT – great success!

  • Your NFT will appear on the blockchain you designated in the creation process and will be available on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. However, your fans or followers don’t need to go to OpenSea to mint your new NFT, they can do so directly through your Link in Bio, keeping them close by on your existing social channels like Instagram or TikTok. 

The Create an NFT Mini-app Provides Great Benefits to NFT Newbies

  • If you’re a creator but you’re new to NFTs, using Koji’s mini-apps in Link in Bio is the perfect way to transition into Web3. 
  • Koji’s mini-app ecosystem is already built out with rich features to incorporate your videos, songs, images, copy and other creative content with your NFTs, and minting your NFTs directly within the Koji Link in Bio allows you to continue to manage all your NFTs and other assets in one place. 
  • Minting your NFTs any other way than through your Link in Bio will leave you bouncing back and forth to OpenSea, which is not an effective use of your time. That means more time for creating!

Minting NFTs on Polygon Through the Koji Mini-app is Perfect for Those on a Budget

Although creating an NFT is pretty inexpensive in general, minting an NFT on the Polygon blockchain is especially affordable for those on a budget and feasible with the Create an NFT Koji mini-app. When you’re given the option in the mini-app to select Ethereum or Polygon, choose Polygon and this will direct you through a set of prompts to create your NFT on the Polygon blockchain. 

  • It’s widely known that minting NFTs on Polygon is less expensive than minting on Ethereum. 
  • For artists or creators who may be on a budget, Polygon is a very attractive option. 

Integrate Koji’s Other Web3 Mini-apps With Your NFTs

The Koji Link in Bio meets creators and NFT users where they already are – giving them the ability to use Web3 apps to build their communities, engage their audiences and grow their business. Koji also has a collection of useful Web3 NFT mini-apps that can be used in conjunction with the Create an NFT mini-app

Some of these other Web3 apps allow you to lock up premium content for people who own other NFTs. For example, as a creator if you wanted to offer special benefits or access to pre-existing NFT communities like Doodles, you could use these mini-apps to give anyone holding a Doodle access to exclusive content. The verification of NFT assets is done out of sight, but this secure verification will allow you to customize benefits to holders of certain NFTs.

  • This is a great way to engage with a group of holders in an NFT community, who may not already be fans or followers, but potentially interested in your content. 
  • Leveraging this cross-community engagement will allow you to engage with new groups of NFT users and expand your reach as an artist. 

Creating Your NFT is Just the Beginning to Using Web3 to Engage With Your Fans

Creating your first NFT with the Create an NFT mini-app will be a momentous achievement, but will really only mark the beginning of you having a new level of engagement with your followers. With a new NFT integrated to your Link in Bio, this opens up to you a whole range of ways to engage, such as:

  • Hosting NFT exclusive media walls 
  • Creating NFT exclusive message boards
  • Creating premium content only available to NFT holders
  • Running a giveaway only available to NFT holders

The possibilities are endless. 

The Create an NFT mini-app is free to use and available on the Koji App Store.