How To Earn More Spotify Listeners In Your Link In Bio

Earning more Spotify listeners is one of the best ways to advance your career as a musician. While this is easier said than done, you can use your link in bio to help you promote your music and earn more loyal fans.

Below, we’ll show you how you can embed Spotify directly into your link in bio and share a couple of other essential strategies to help you earn more Spotify listeners. 

How Do I Put Spotify In My Link In Bio? 

You can help drive traffic to your Spotify and earn monthly listeners with the help of Spotify Embed. This link in bio app allows you to embed a Spotify player for a song, playlist, artist’s profile or project all within your link in bio. 

Listeners are able to listen directly in their original browser, on all social media platforms. This feature is entirely free and lives inside of your supercharged Koji profile. Since it’s a direct Spotify embed, anyone who listens via your link in bio will count towards your monthly listener count and help you earn more streams on Spotify. This opens up plenty of opportunity for you to earn listeners, allowing any fan, regardless of whether they have a Spotify account to enjoy your music. 

It’s a good iea to link out to Spotify playlists rather than a single song so that you can up your chances of earning more Spotify streams. Thankfully, the music featured in Spotify Embed can use just about any format. 

Even if you don’t make music yourself, showcasing your favorite new music on your own playlists can be a great way to help fans connect with you on a deeper level as a creator.

Other Essential Strategies For Promoting Your Music In Your Link In Bio 

Don’t stop with Spotify, take advantage of the other link in bio apps and features to help your promote your music. Use these tools and strategies to boost your impact as a growing artist. 

  • Embed your music videos. Did you know that YouTube is actually the most popular music streaming service? All the more reason to embed your music videos into your link in bio with YouTube Embed! A music video can help tell the story of your song and help your fans connect with your art on a more personal level.  
  • Feature your presave campaign. When you submit unreleased music to your distributor, there’s usually an option to have fans presave your song before it comes out through a presave link. Be sure to add your presave link to the top of your link in bio. Use your Koji dashboard analytics or pixel integration to help you determine which traffic sources are leading to the most conversions. 
  • Add all of your music links. The Music Links app allows you to link out to any streaming platform so that your fans can enjoy your music on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, Bandcamp, and more. You can use your Spotify for Artists profile to track metrics and see which fans are coming from sources outside of the streaming platform itself, like your link in bio. 

Earning more Spotify listeners is easy with the help of your supercharged link in bio. To earn more Spotify streams, focus on directing your fans to a consistent fan funnel using a sleek Koji profile. Enjoy bringing in new fans with these stellar mini apps. 

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