How to Get Started with Game Development

If you want to create your own game template using Koji, you can easily do so if you know how to code. While Koji enables users to remix existing templates, you might want to consider creating an entirely new game from scratch or simply delve more into the coding side of things, in which case there are plenty of ways to get started with game coding.

Coding is also a great way to earn more money remotely as people look for remote work opportunities while stuck at home.

While there’s a lot involved in game coding, it’s easy to get started if you know what to expect and where to look.

Don’t Feel Overwhelmed

Creating a game and getting into coding can seem daunting at first, as making games involves game design and programming together, both of which entail many mechanics and steps. However, it can be worth learning all the processes involved as the experience becomes fun.

There are plenty of obstacles you’re likely to encounter along the way at various points, but learning to code comes with many shining moments of epiphany and excitement, especially as your ideas begin to take real shape.

When getting into coding, try to keep it separate from game design. Work on learning the basics of programming and write some programs as practice while designing simple games on paper. Then you can bring coding and game design together.

Determine What You Want to Create

The best way to stay on track and bring your ideas to fruition is to have a clear goal in place. In other words, know specifically why you’re learning about coding and determine what you aim to achieve as a result of what you learn.

If you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish through coding, you’ll be able to maintain interest throughout your coding experience. Depending on your specific goals, you can determine where to start and you’ll have an obvious direction in which to go.

The important thing is to avoid taking on too much at once. Take small steps at first and learn the essentials before moving on to new skills or concepts. You can also try to collaborate with others who have expertise in different areas to help bring your dream game to life.

Gain Familiarity with Programming Before Writing Code

If you don’t have any experience with programming, you’ll have a hard time working with a game editor and coding within it. There are many functions and types of tools out there that you’ll need to learn about beyond programming, so it’s best to know the fundamentals of programming before you jump into coding. Otherwise, you might just find yourself frustrated and confused when encountering the myriad of objects, functions, classes, loops, and variables while coding.

When getting into programming, consider your first language to learn about the many fundamental elements involved in coding. Then you can begin writing starter programs such as simple scripts that can automate various tasks. As you develop your skills, you can learn from others by reading other programmers’ code and see what they’re doing that you can implement in your own code.

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to learn everything at once. You have all the time in the world to grow as a programmer with so many facets involved in coding, so if you’re likely to find long sessions to be draining, then engaging in short and quick daily sessions may be your best strategy.

Why You Should Start with HTML5 and JavaScript

One of the best languages to start learning that will be worth knowing in the long term is HTML5. This language is cheaper to develop with and you can easily use it to create cross-platform apps for every device. Along with JavaScript and CSS3, HTML5 is one of the most important languages to learn if you want to get into game coding.

You can create simple to more complex apps using HTML5 language, and it will help you learn other coding libraries as you develop your skills. Once you’ve become familiar with the basics of HTML5, you can then move on to JavaScript for game coding. JavaScript is great to begin with because it’s installed on every web browser, which makes it easy to start programming immediately by accessing the browser’s JavaScript console. The ease of use that comes with JavaScript makes it even better to work with than Python, Ruby, PHP, or other languages, and you’ll gain access to many lucrative coding jobs if you know how to code with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Use Koji Scaffolds to Get into Coding

If you want to get started with JavaScript for web development and gaming, you can begin by designing and coding your own games using the scaffolds available on the Koji platform. Using these scaffolds, you can jump right into game coding with a wide range of templates that allow you to create and customize JavaScript games of all types. Once you’ve created your game or program, you can publish it and share it on any platform, whether you want to create an interactive social media post or embed the published Koji app on your website.

Koji makes it easier than ever to get into coding and reap the rewards from it. You can also learn from what other developers are doing.

Gain Coding Career Opportunities

If you learn to code using HTML5 and JavaScript and become more familiar with these languages, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities out there to launch or further your career as a game coder. Even if you decide to become a designer, having the ability to code the games you design will give you a huge advantage over others. Designers who can code using HTML5 and JavaScript along with other languages can eliminate a lot of the communication needed between designers and coders, and you’ll ultimately have more control over the games or other programs you design.

Having coding experience can also help in other areas, such as marketing, seeing as you won’t need to contact a developer to make a quick fix to a design when you can make it yourself. Front-end web developers and UX designers also need to have a solid background in HMTL5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

Once you’ve begun to build a foundation in programming, you can learn what it takes to make your own game. If you want to design and code a fun game and create your own template, Koji has a great platform that enables you to put your coding skills to the test. As you develop your skills, you’ll also have the ability to connect with other experienced developers who use Koji by joining our Discord servers. You may even find someone to help you create your next dream project.

Visit our website to learn more about creating a template and get started today, whether you want to create games for fun or make money through coding.

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