How To Make A Custom Personal Website for Free

Traditional websites are out, Koji is in. The future of branding lives within the link in bio and Koji provides you with free tools to make your landing page stand out amongst the rest. Below, we’ll dive into how you can make your own pocket website as a creator. Let’s dive in! 

How Do I Make A Website For My Business?

Every creator needs a strong landing page to serve as a fan funnel. You can build your own pocket website with the help of Koji. 

Koji is a free link in bio tool that’s far from just a link list. Your Koji can host embedded content, virtual experiences for fans, tip jars, and plenty of other mini apps from the Koji app store. Unlike typical websites, your audience can enjoy all Koji features in their original browser, so there’s no clunky jumping from one page to the next. 

Setting up your Koji only takes a few minutes and is entirely free– there’s no charge for any of the services built into our supercharged link in bio. Even the monetizable mini apps only take a small cut of your fan’s transaction fee so we’re only making money when you are. 

How To Brand Your Link In Bio

Making your Koji link in bio stand out from the crowd is easy. First, start by customizing your link text and image for each mini-app to continue your brand experience. You can also select a custom static or 4K video background, customize your buttons, and link in bio font to match your aesthetic. 

@withkoji Whats in your profile background? #creator #4k #beautiful ♬ animal crossing ~ new horizons lofi – Closed on Sunday

To take your supercharged link to the next level, experiment with the Portfolio Profile mini app that allows you to convert your link in bio into a stunning array of full-width image cards to engage your audience. Alternatively, try out Image Grid Profile for a more modern grid feel. 

Don’t forget to let your followers know that your pocket website is ready to enjoy! Click “Manage” in the left-hand corner and then share to send out your link in bio to your audience. 

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How To Make A Website FAQ

Ready to build a personalized website? Check out these commonly asked questions to set you off on the right foot.

How can I create my own website?

You can create a free website with the power of Koji. Build a space where fans can view your content, shop your store, and connect with you on a deeper level directly in your link in bio.

Can I build a website for free?

Yes! Koji provides users with a clean, free interface to build your own link in bio website complete with a digital storefront, customizable themes, and a place to display all of your content.

Can a beginner build a website?

A beginner can definitely build a website with Koji. You can import themes from sample profiles or build one of your own for free with our beginner-friendly interface.