How To Make A Viral Game In MINUTES

Making games from trending online topics is now simpler than creating a video or writing a blog post.

The internet is a magical place where anyone has the opportunity to go viral, seek fame & fortune, create, innovate, and improve the world around us.

So in the spirit of virality, let’s talk about this new online trend that is going to take over content creation online… Interactive Content.

Interactive content might sound familiar. It’s all of these online games and web apps that you’ve most likely seen floating around & being shared on the internet. You’ve probably seen some sort of viral game online that literally, everyone had to play.

Today, anyone can find a trending topic online and make a game like in minutes. Here’s How:

1. Find a Trending Topic

Here are a few sites where you can find out what’s hot on the internet.

2. Pick A Game on and Remix it.

There are thousands of games to choose from. 🙂 Remix them by changing out the images, sounds, text, colors, game settings, etc.

3. Publish & Share it with the World!

Once you’ve finished remixing, just click on Publish now on the left to make your game go live.

You’ll get a link to your game that you can share anywhere on the web.

Making games for the web has never been easier, and now it is so fast, that anyone can find a trending topic and create a sharable viral game within minutes!

Try making your own viral game on!