How To Monetize Your Style

Are your followers constantly asking where you got your outfit? Do you put a lot of time and effort into your fashion choices? If so, you can turn your sense of style into a source of passive income. 

We’ll show you how you can use the Shop the Look mini app to monetize your wardrobe directly in your link in bio below. 

How To Monetize Your Wardrobe 

Monetizing your style is easy through the help of affiliate links. Fashion creators can sign up for an account on sites like Amazon and earn a commission off of every item sold using their customized link. Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate on most sites so long as they have active social media profiles. 

Once you’ve found your affiliate link program of choice, add Shop The Look to your Koji link in bio. Like all other mini apps, your followers can access this experience via your link without having to leave their original browser. 


Within Shop The Look, you can upload a photo of your outfit and tag different pieces with your corresponding affiliate links. Your audience can then shop directly by clicking on different portions of your photo to track down their clothing item of choice. 

You can add photos and descriptions to showcase individual products and tag any product you’d like with affiliate links. Outside of your clothing, you may consider tagging:

  • Homeware 
  • Your gear used for social media
  • Must-have accessories
  • Everything you need for a particular outing 

There are plenty of ways to provide your audience with your favorite pieces and products. If you’re looking to resell some of your clothing directly, you can set up a storefront in minutes with the Sell Physical Products mini app. 

The next time your fans ask for style recommendations, direct them to your customized mini app. You can also link out your looks directly on your social stories to entice fans to shop your style. Enjoy sharing your fashion sense with your followers!

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