How to Plan a Successful Watch Party for Your Fans

Whether you’re a musician, actor, or artist, creating video content is no easy feat. There’s a lot that goes into planning and prepping before filming can even begin. And once that’s complete, promoting your new video to your fans takes center stage.

Creating a watch party, whether in-person or virtual, is a great way to generate some buzz about your upcoming video. It’s important to make unique moments and connections with your fans so that they can connect with you and your videos on a different level. Koji recently developed the Watch Party app for your Link in Bio to help you create a virtual watch party for your fans in minutes.

Below, we’ll explain some steps you should take when planning out your watch party and how the Watch Party app can help streamline the process.

Planning an Epic Watch Party

Watch parties provide a unique way for your fans to experience their favorite content and people. The Watch Party app available on the Koji platform lets you create a one-of-a-kind experience for your die-hard fans by giving them early access to your new video content.

When to Host a Virtual Watch Party

You may be asking yourself, “At what point should I throw a watch party?” Well, the answer is simple, whenever you want. Watch parties can help people feel closer to the content and communities they love. They’re also suited for all types of viewers across many types of genres.

When you decide to host a watch party for your fans, you’ll want to give yourself enough time to plan everything in advance. Why? It takes time to lock down dates, especially if you’re working with others who are helping you execute and perfect your video.

Once you set a date for your video release, you can begin planning your watch party. The Watch Party app for your Link in Bio lets you set a start and end date for your watch party, giving fans a chance to watch your video once before it’s officially released.

Make Plans on How to Monetize Your Watch Party

Launching a watch party for your fans can come with some serious benefits, including recovering some of the costs spent creating your new video. While you may be planning a bigger release in the future, giving your fans an early release party can easily help you recoup some of the costs.

The Watch Party app lets you choose from several different payment options, including NFTs (Ethereum, Polygon, and Rinkeby), standard payment methods like debit and credit cards, and email signup. Once you decide on which option works best for you, you can select it in the app so your listeners can pay to unlock your video content. The app also lets you customize a thank you note to fans that will be displayed once they’ve finished watching your video.

Create Some Noise Around Your Watch Party

Once you’ve decided on set dates for your watch party, you’ll want to start spreading a buzz across your social media profiles. You can create a post with some of the details or make it fun by announcing contests or releasing teaser videos.

Letting your fans know what’s coming will make them excited to engage with your video content before it’s officially released to the public.

How to Use the Watch Party App for Your Link in Bio

Creating a watch party for your fans can help you build stronger connections since you’re letting them get the inside scoop on your latest video content. To get the Watch Party app, you’ll need to visit the Koji App Store to add it to your link in bio profile.

Setting up the app is relatively simple. Once your video is uploaded, you’ll be asked to provide additional details, including a cover image, a title, and a description for your video. You’ll then add start and end dates for your watch party and choose the payment method (NFTs, standard payment, or email sign-up). Your early release video can then be purchased by your fans and played in a sleek, video player that lets your audience watch one time.

Ways to Use the Watch Party App

There are several ways to use the Watch Party app to create an engaging experience for your audience. Consider making a watch experience for early access events to your:

  • Music videos
  • Behind-the-scenes looks
  • Short films
  • Documentaries
  • Movies
  • Comedy sketches

Final Thoughts

The Watch Party app can be used in many ways, including dropping a new music video or showcasing your latest documentary. We’re excited to see all the fun you have launching watch parties for your fans.

We’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, feature requests, and bugs. Twitter is the easiest place to get in touch – we’re @madewithkoji, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this app.

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