How To Sell Your Prints in Your Link In Bio

As an artist, working on commission is an amazing way to earn money with your passion. However, it’s important to find passive streams of income so that you can fund your creative endeavors while taking a break, or actively working on other art pieces.

One of the best ways to do this is to sell prints– but how can you sell prints without a working website? Thankfully, Koji presents multiple ways to sell your prints directly in your link in bio. Below, we’ll show you how to sell your prints with Sell Downloadable Files so that you can start monetizing your masterpieces. 

Setting up your prints storefront in your link in bio only takes a couple of minutes. First, set up your Koji link in bio. Take the time to brand your link in bio with a customized background and link text to help create a great shopping experience for your fans. 

From there, add the Sell Downloadable Files mini app to your profile. To configure your print storefront, just add a coverage image or video, title, and description for your prints. From ther e, you can add any zip file and select a price for your prints. 

Fans can purchase your prints directly from your link in bio and pay with debit or credit card. You’re also welcome to create as many versions of the mini app as you’d like for multiple prints. 

Once your print storefront is up and running, let your followers know that your prints are available in your link in bio. A simple though consistently used call to action can make a big difference in helping your audience reach your prints. 

Alternatively, you can also use Digital Files Storefront to sell multiple prints. The only different is that you can sell all of your prints in one place, rather than having them separated by mini app. This set up also provides more layout customization options for a more curated storefront experience for artists with multiple prints. 

Setting up shop in your link in bio only takes a couple of minutes. Enjoy creating passive income and building your print store with these amazing mini apps! 

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