How to Start a Crowdfunding Campaign on Social Media

Crowdfunding platforms are not new, but as tools to help people and small businesses raise funds for important projects, they are invaluable. And if you have a project you want to fund, we’re making it easier than ever to launch and fundraise your next project. Here’s how to use the Fund My Project Koji to help you raise money for your biggest projects, all from your social media profile :

1 – Add Fund My Project

Click the link here to add it. It requires just a few simple set-up steps.

2 – Add a title, description, and a cover photo or video

You want to make sure your title is descriptive and your description (i.e. telling people why they should donate) is compelling and authentic. You can also take the opportunity to set a video detailing your project as the cover video for more context.

What Is A Koji?

A Koji is a type of interactive media that can help you sell your products, downloads, services or premium content. To create a Koji, simply select a template and customize before sharing the unique URL on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anywhere else!

3 – Set your goal

This is pretty straightforward, but try to set an amount that will be both helpful and necessary for your project as well as reasonable and reachable for your audience.

4 – Enable shipping address collection (optional)

If part of the incentive you’re offering your fans for donating is a finished product or some other token of gratitude, you can choose to collect shipping addresses for each person who donates. Make sure to make any requirements for this reward clear in your description, i.e., fans have to donate over $100 to receive the reward.

5 – Publish and start promoting

After you’ve filled out all of the required information, tap “Next”, and then tap “Publish”. Now you’re ready to share your fundraiser with the world and hopefully get the funds to turn your biggest ideas into a reality.

Final Thoughts

Fund My Project will make reaching your goals and sharing high-quality content with your fans easier and more painless, leaving you to focus on growing as a creator. 

We’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, feature requests, and bugs. Twitter is the easiest place to get in touch – we’re @madewithkoji, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this Koji.

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