How To Stay In Touch With Your Fans 

As a creator, staying in touch with your fans is key to building a dedicated fan base. However, this is easier said than done, especially in today’s heavily distracted attention economy. 

Luckily, Laylo provides a simple solution to continually reach your fans via your link in bio. Below, we’ll share how this platform helps you keep in touch with your fans, and share some suggestions to take your connection a step further. 

Why Should Creators Use Laylo

If you’re a full-time creator, you’re in the business of community building. In today’s world powered by algorithms, it’s important to create spaces where you have full ownership over what your fans are experiencing. That’s why it’s key to find ways to build a text or email list for your fans. 

Laylo provides a simple link in bio collection space where you can gather your fan’s contact information to take the next step in building a strong community. This single click mini app is easy to use and can be customized to meet the needs of your specific brand. 

How Does Laylo Work? 

Laylo is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible so that your audience can provide their information, and get back to your content. All fans have to do is add their phone number or email and click the submit button to sign up for your notifications. 

From there, you can export fan emails and phone numbers directly from your link in bio, or head to the partnered Laylo site to take a look at your contact book. The platform also provides social and email templates so that you can quickly make use of the new contact information. 

To set up your mini app, simple add it to your link in bio and sign in with the Laylo key associated with your account. You can customize your theme and add a description and then voila! Your fans are free to sign up for your updates. 

How To Keep Your Fans Engaged With Laylo

Laylo is a helpful tool, but it’s just beginning part of the process. Once you have access to contact information from your fans and followers, it’s time to put that data to good use! Here are some ways you might utilize Laylo to be more connected with your fans:

  • Build an email list and send fans exclusive content
  • Text fans behind the scenes content of the creative process
  • Send out a presale ticket early to your top fans to your next live event
  • Create a live experience exclusive for fans on your text or email list
  • Message appreciation out of the blue to some of your fans

How To Promote Laylo

The first step is to get your fans to engage with your Laylo mini app. Here’s how you can promote Laylo to earn your fan’s emails. 

1. Incentivize Your Laylo Users

Giving back to your fans is an important part of being a creator. So, let your fans know what they might expect from signing up for your text or email list. Will they get behind-the-scenes content? Exclusive first looks at your next project? Deliver on your promises and then some! Give your fans rewards unannounced from time to time to keep them engaged. 

2. Give Your Fans A Reason To Sign Up

In addition to regularly sharing your Laylo mini app on socials, don’t forget you can hold contests surrounding signing up for your text or email list. It could be something as letting your fans know that anyone who signs up on a particular day will earn a free piece of merchandise. Turn your sign-ups into occasional contests and watch your user base grow. 

3. Thank Your Fans 

Be sure to show those who have signed up some extra love. Something as simple as a little “thank you” can go a long way. If your fans are comfortable, you can even share and tag your fans in your story at the end of the week to thank them for joining your list. Your fans will appreciate the acknowledgment, and might even share the post, helping you to grow your online presence. 

Laylo is an excellent link in bio tool that will help you connect with your top fans and extend your audience. Have fun building a deeper relationship with your audience!