How to Supercharge Your Linktree or Any Link in Bio

Your link in bio is good, but it can be better. Here are some tips you can use to improve your Linktree or ‘Link in bio’ in 2021.

Tip Jar

With the rise of companies like Linktree, your link in bio (LIB) is emerging as your new form of identity online. It can be used across social media as a social business card, a mobile-ready website, a simplified commerce experience, and much more.

As more people visit these link in bio destinations, it’s essential for creators to incorporate new ways to provide interesting and valuable experiences for visitors. This is why Kojis are being used by creators across all social media platforms, making them a great choice for upgrading your existing LIB experience.

What is a Koji?

Kojis are modules that can be added to your LinkTree or link in bio via a simple link.

Koji links work inside of: 

LinktreeLinkin.bioLnk.bioShorbyKojiTap.bioFeedlink.ioLink in, Beacons, Snipfeeddirect.meluma profilesSmart.biosinglelink.cocarrd, and, and any other service that helps creators share more than one link in their profile.

*Any Koji link is sharable directly on socials as a post. 

There are many different Koji modules to choose from and they can be customized in a variety of ways. Here is an example of Kojis being used inside of a Linktree.

Here are some Kojis you can use to supercharge your Linktree in 2021. 

I cannot believe how much Koji has helped my small buisness this month… the donations I’ve so kindly received from friends/strangers are finally giving me the time and supplies I need to turn this passion of mine into a full time small biz🥺

— Claws by Cozza (@clawsbycozza) March 5, 2021

1 – Start collecting tips with a virtual tip jar

Collecting donations and tips is the #1 way to begin monetizing for creators of any size. There are people that want to let you know how much they love you and support you. Sometimes a like button is not enough for people to show you how much they love the things that you do.

A virtual tip jar is a personal way for anyone to show their appreciation towards you. Anyone that leaves a tip also gets to send you a personalized message, which gives them an opportunity to tell you exactly how they feel about you. 

YouTubers, TikTokers, Instagramers, Clubhouse moderators, small business owners, and everyday people are all adding tip jars to their Koji profiles.

2 – Let visitors leave a name & selfie in your Linktree by using a guestbook

It’s fun to connect with your audience and get to see all of the people that visit your profile. Create a great first impression by inviting new visitors to leave a name and a selfie in your digital guestbook.

By using a guestbook, you can give your fans an opportunity to present themselves publically in your community. Additionally, the guestbook has built-in moderation tools that let you manage submissions so you can see what gets posted before it goes live. 

3 – Let people request personal videos from you

Do you have fun recording videos of yourself and sending them to people? Why not get paid for it?  It’s an easy way to earn some money and lets you be creative with the kinds of videos you record. With this Video Requests module, you can sell video shoutouts, have people request cover songs, let fans request comedic roasts, sell birthday messages, and more!

TikTok creator FluteDudeMusic lets fans request music covers from his link in bio. He chose Beacons instead of Linktree, but luckily Koji modules work on both services.

4 – Let people instantly unlock exclusive content

A great way to begin monetizing on your socials is to offer exclusive content to your followers. Fans love to get early access to a behind-the-scenes photo or video. You can collect emails right from your bio. Use this Koji in a variety of interesting ways: 

  • Grant access to “behind the scenes” exclusives
  • Reveal a secret location
  • Send a paid only invitation to an event
  • Let people unlock a surprise image or video
  • Sell early access to a music video 
  • Sell your joke of the day or stand up routine

Instagram creator @TheKaylaPatterson lets fans unlock photos before she posts to Instagram.

5 – Create a mini-game with you as the main character

Customize mini-games with your face, your brand, and even your own music to create a completely branded and engaging experience for your visitors. Customizable mini-games are a great way to entertain your LIB visitors. Also, Koji mini-games can collect emails and help to build your audience.

Some games help you collect emails by having players enter their email to post a high score. This makes it a great way to build your audience. 

Creator @NathanTrishka even hosted a game contest, and followers created their own games then tagged him on Instagram and TikTok.

6 – Sell an e-book, course, masterclass, or paid article directly in your LinkTree

If you make any sort of digital file, you can easily sell it without needing to create a complex online store. From e-books, audio files, videos, PDFs, and moreall file types can be sold and distributed from within in your Linktree or ‘Link in bio’.

Additionally, you can charge for a premium article or blog post by adding an exclusive article.

Veteran podcaster Suzy Chase sells her podcasting masterclass via a link in bio.

Discover New Koji modules for your Linktree every week

Did you know, there are new Kojis to explore each week?

Kojis are created for free on the Koji website Try customizing one, and then adding the unique Koji link directly into your Linktree or any ‘Link in bio’.


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