How to Use Koji to Kickstart Your Career in Game Development

If you want to get into game development but aren’t necessarily sure where to begin, Koji is here to help you jumpstart your gaming career with one of the best platforms available for beginners. Whether you want to launch a career in game development or simply get into it as a new hobby, the possibilities are nearly endless by remixing or creating your own game templates through Koji.

How Do Koji Templates Work?

Koji makes it easier than ever to design and develop your own games using new or existing templates. You can create just about any game imaginable using a wide variety of design elements. You can then share your game with audiences on social media in the form of interactive posts that others can play and share.

Games built using Koji consist of all different kinds of gameplay mechanics and designs. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Specifically, Koji templates consist of full-stack JavaScript applications that operate with Git and utilize a modern CI/CD toolchain for deployment. To allow users to edit templates with ease, we use an accessible Koji Editor that allows for easy remixing and deployment of custom creations, without any need for previous game development or coding experience.

In addition to creating games and getting into game development, you can also start making money with your designs by monetizing your templates.

Remix Existing Koji Templates

There are many unique game templates that our users have created and shared. You’ll find games such as side-scrollers, shoot-em-ups, and even unique experiences like virtual rooms where you can hang out with friends remotely. All of our templates are customizable to allow you to create your own experience.

All it takes to develop a new remix is to start with one of our existing templates. From there, you can make changes to any of the design elements within the template, including images, text, and certain settings. Choose from different color schemes, background images, sounds, and much more using our platform that makes it easy to create your own sharable game without the need for any other software.

Once you’ve created your custom template, you can also customize the post and decide what you want to accomplish with it. If you want people to perform a specific call to action such as bring more people to your website, you can choose to drive traffic using a post-game CTA. You can also generate leads with leaderboards, reveal custom code and text when players win, or show custom messages at the end of the game.

Remixing our templates can allow you to quickly and easily create a game that’s uniquely yours, whether you want to create a fun game that people will want to share with friends and family or promote your brand through a highly interactive post.

Create Your Own Games with Koji

If you would rather create your own Koji template from scratch, we also allow users to develop their own games and can teach you how to do so within as little as an hour. Simply take our online developer crash course, which will show you how you can locate and remix scaffolds to begin creating a template, import existing code that you’ve written via github, use our tools and kits to enable others to remix your template, and publish it on our platform.

Koji templates are a great place to start if you’re just now getting into game development and want to get some practice. Whether you have some experience in coding or know virtually nothing about it, we keep the game development process easy for beginners and experienced developers alike. Regardless of skill level, you can create one of our templates and monetize it to launch your game development career without any hassle or confusion along the way.

We give users all the tools they need to create, publish, and share nearly any game imaginable.

Share Your Games Anywhere with Anyone

After you’ve created, tested, and published your game, you can share it on just about any platform. Export your game in the form of an interactive post on a wide range of social media sites including Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, or Instagram Stories. You can also embed your games on your website, which can add a level of engaging interactivity to previously bland, static webpages.

Once published, people will be able to play your games on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even other connected devices with browsers such as refrigerators, game consoles, televisions, and vehicles. Ultimately, Koji is ubiquitous and can give you the ability to publish and showcase your game anywhere and at any time.

Share your games with friends and family, or post them in an online community to showcase your development skills or unique game mechanics. You might even discover that your game is engaging enough to go viral.

You can also join the Koji community on Discord, which will allow you to connect and share ideas with other developers. You may just find the perfect partners to collaborate with on your next project, whether it’s for Koji or something even bigger.

Turn to Koji to Launch Your Game Development Career Today

Regardless of how experienced you are, Koji can help you learn and grow as a game developer, whether you’re an amateur who’s simply curious about game creation or an aspiring developer with a dream game in mind who needs someplace to start. By following our tutorials and remixing or creating templates on our editor, you’ll have everything you need to begin a career in this exciting industry. With nearly limitless possibilities, Koji can serve as the ideal platform to begin as a developer.

If you would like to learn more about the Koji platform and its capabilities, browse our website and check out our YouTube channel to find out everything you need to get started. We’ll help you figure out how to remix existing templates, build your own from scratch, use the Koji Editor to its full potential, and publish, share, and monetize your games.

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