How to Use the ‘Support THIS’ App in Your Link in Bio

Getting support from your followers and monetizing your time and energy is an incredibly important part of being a content creator. Support THIS allows you to post completed projects and receive donations from your fans.

It’s also a great way to give new and old followers a chance to see an example of what kind of work you might make in the future with their monetary support. Using the app is incredibly simple, so here’s how it works:

1 – Add Support THIS to Your Link in Bio

Visit the Koji App Store link here to add it to your profile.

2 – Add a Your Content (Image or Video)

On the setup screen, you’ll see a place to include an image or video of the project you’ve finished. Tap “Add” and then upload or paste the URL of the media you want to show off. Make sure it’s all high-quality, so your fans can enjoy it better.

3 – Add a Title and Description

This is straightforward, but you’ll want to make sure that it’s a descriptive and accurate title. It can be a plea to donate, or the title of the project.

While a description of your project is optional, it’s a great way to provide background and tell the story of its completion. People will be more likely to donate if they understand the origin and significance of the project. You can also let them know what kind of future projects they will be supporting with their donation.

4 – Publish and Start Promoting

After you’ve added all the information (and changed the button color and text, if you want to), simply tap “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen. Now you can easily direct your fans to check out all your project and support it, directly in your Link in Bio.

Final Thoughts

Support THIS will make it much easier for your followers to support your projects even after completion. It’s a great way to introduce new followers to your content and remind old followers why they love what you create.

We’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, feature requests, and bugs. Twitter is the easiest place to get in touch – we’re @madewithkoji, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this new app.

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