How to Use Your Link in Bio to Level-Up Your Brand Partnerships

The Basics

Branded content is overwhelmingly the most popular way for creators to make money, either natively (e.g., posting about your experience with a new skincare product, or streaming a new game) or more directly by sharing ads and affiliate links with your audience.

For many creators, landing a brand partner is a dream come true—it’s a significant milestone on the road to going full time and making a living doing what you love. 

However, it also comes with risks. You might be worried that your followers think you’re “selling out,” or have concerns about how much branded content you can post alongside your organic content.

The brands also have concerns of their own. Is their message really getting heard? Does it resonate with your audience? How does your audience feel about what’s being promoted?

Two Link in Bio apps in Koji’s new Brand Integrations suite—Branded Quiz and Branded Survey—give you the tools to create engaging, authentic branded content, as well as deliver powerful insights back to brands.

Are Brand Integration Apps Right For You?

Koji’s Branded Survey and Branded Quiz are perfect fits for anyone who is looking to take their brand partnerships to the next level. Whether you’re a large creator with millions of followers, or you’re just getting started growing your audience, these innovative apps help make your brand deals more effective, authentic, and engaging.

What to Know Before You Start

The best part about Branded Quiz and Branded Survey is that they’re free to use and you can set them up in minutes.

Before you add one of these apps to your Link in Bio, you’ll want to make sure you have:

  • An engaging cover photo
  • An idea of the questions that you’d like to ask your audience
  • A piece of exclusive content as a reward for completing the quiz or survey
  • And, of course, a brand to work with!

Once you’ve added the app to your Link in Bio, you can leave it up for the duration of your brand partnership—there’s no additional work required.

A Different Kind of Brand Integration

Typically, as part of a brand deal, you’ll make some posts about the product or service and be done.

These new apps, however, unlock an entirely new kind of integration—your followers answer questions and engage with the brand’s message in order to unlock a piece of exclusive content.

In addition to reporting on click-throughs, these apps let you and your brand partner verify that their message was received and understood by generating a comprehensive report that you can share with your brand partner.


One of the biggest things that sets these apps apart from other brand partnership tools is that each app includes a world-class analytics dashboard.

Access a breakdown of your app’s analytics by tapping RESULTS in the top left. You’ll find top-level stats, engagement metrics, and see the result spreads of individual questions. These kinds of insights are a game-changer for brand deals.

Let’s Get Started

Branded Quiz and Branded Survey are free to use and available on the Koji App Store. Setting them up is easy, and there are a few choices to make depending on the type of experience you want to create.

Quiz or Survey?

Before you add a Brand Integration app to your Link in Bio, you should have a conversation with your brand partner to find out what things are most important to them. 

Perhaps they’re looking to build awareness and simply want to get their message across to your audience. Or maybe they’re looking to learn about a particular audience segment and want to learn more about your audience’s opinions.

Here’s a simple way to decide whether your should use Branded Quiz or Branded Survey:

  • If you’re looking to verify that a brand’s message was received, then you’ll want to use Branded Quiz.
  • If your brand partner is looking to learn about your audience and their opinions, then you’ll want to use Branded Survey.

The great part about using these apps on your Link in Bio is that you can have multiple quizzes and surveys running at the same time. Because these apps open instantly from your Link in Bio, they work great alongside your primary promotional posts as a way for followers to unlock bonus content.

Promoting Your Brand Integration App

Koji makes it easy to make the actual app and get started leveling up your brand partnership offerings, but that’s really only the first part to making your brand partnership a success. Once your app is ready, you need to make a plan to promote it.

Everyone is different, and every brand deal is different—there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for promotion, but we’ve compiled a few best practices to help you get started.

Limited Time Offers

Your brand campaign will likely have a start and end date. Use this to create FOMO around the exclusive content in your app by letting your audience know that they only have a short period of time to unlock it before it’s gone forever.

Cross-Promote in Other Content

You should be promoting your Link in Bio regardless of whether you’re actively running a brand campaign. That means that you should be including a URL to your Link in Bio in your Social Posts, Video Description, Story Posts, Email Signatures, and anywhere else you include links. 

Start thinking about your Link in Bio as a destination for your audience to engage more deeply with your content. You can even add in other apps in your Link in Bio. Check out our Link in Bio Guide to see other ways to monetize and engage your audience. 

Sharing Data with Brands

When your brand deal comes to an end, your brand partner will want to know how it went. In addition to data from your posts, these Brand Integration apps include in-depth, native analytics to help you and your brand partner understand the success of the campaign.

Access these analytics reports by tapping on RESULTS at the top left of your app. You’ll see top-level stats like content view counts, impressions, reward views, as well as more granular insights like the clicks and results on individual questions.

You can easily share these stats by taking a screenshot or downloading them as a CSV file. 

Final Thoughts

Branded Quiz and Branded Survey are game-changing apps for all kinds of brand partnerships, large and small. Use them to gain new insights into how your audience responds to your promotions, and to create a more authentic and engaging experience for your followers. You’ll be surprised how many people want to participate in order to unlock your bonus content.

If you have any feedback, need help building your Koji Link in Bio, or are looking to get your Link in Bio featured on Koji, we’d love to hear from you! Tag us on Twitter, email us ([email protected]), or use the help chat available on the Koji Website.

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