How YouTube influencers use Koji to Drive Engagement and Revenue

There’s no doubt about it: if you think free video streaming platform, you think YouTube.

Lots of brands and influencers today use YouTube as a platform to connect with their audiences. Plenty of people earn enough revenue from their work on YouTube to live totally autonomous lives. They use educational, entertaining, and interactive content to drive viewership and increase interest in their videos.

It follows that influencers and games go hand-in-hand. Kim Kardashian literally pulled in more than $40 million during the first three months after launching her game; and while we’ll admit that Kim might have more reach than the average YouTuber, it illustrates our point pretty effectively. Interactive content gives YouTube creators the chance to pull in revenue and increase viewership.

Games are easy to create, share, and monetize

The key to using Koji games for any type of influencing is simple. That’s because it becomes a part of a tried-and-true process:

  • Quickly and easily create new games and content through remixing
  • Spread the content through resharing anywhere you want– but especially through YouTube
  • Monetize the content once it’s possible

It’s that easy! Once you get the hang of using Koji to craft your own content, it’s a cinch to create and share in no time at all. We’ve seen scores of Koji users rely on our platform to:

  • Create games about themselves
    • This entices fans, helps humanize influences, and makes for easy content
    • Koji games are also so easily sharable that a game centered around yourself can easily result in hundreds (or thousands) of @s
  • Create content paywalls
    • Some influencers have shifted towards subscription or payment services that are required to view their content
    • Koji makes it easy to paywall content; this makes it more compelling and creates new revenue streams
  • Get fans involved
    • Smart marketers know that an audience has the potential to do a significant amount of marketing for a brand; it’s easy to get fans involved in content creation contests
    • Fans can also @ you and compete with each other to increase your visibility
  • Create premium asset packs
    • Uber-creatives can leverage Koji to craft custom image and sound asset packs for fans to use

4 Ways YouTube Influencers Use Koji

Creating games about themselves

YouTube users can create games about themselves to drive increased engagement from fans. Since their followers already support them, it makes good sense for these creators to leverage that fanbase. The ideal audience already appreciates the content that somebody offers– this is one way to foster a deeper connection through engaging content.

Lots of fans love playing games that center around the topics they’re passionate about. If you liked Harry Potter around a decade ago, you probably owned branded blankets, posters, clothes, toys, and more.

Think about what lead you towards those items: a love for the series. If a YouTuber’s fans love their content enough, they’re almost guaranteed to jump right into a creator-centered game.

Placing Koji games behind a paywall

We’ve found that a lot of influencers who use Koji rely on a smart system: putting Koji content behind a paywall to increase the appeal of their subscription. Our paywall plugin also ensures that the process of monetizing content is totally straightforward.

There’s plenty of data that supports paywalls’ moneymaking potential. Traditional studies conducted around digital and printed news show us that people will pay for access to the content that they, individually, want to see. The exact motivations for subscriptions vary, but the point remains that people are willing to spend money on the things that they love.

Most marketing experts see private subscriptions and paywalls as the way of the future for influencers. More and more of the average content creator’s fanbase has come to desire a more intimate connection with the influencers they love. Paywalls make it easy to provide exclusive and specific content that can’t be found anywhere else.

Inviting fans to get involved

We’ve seen lots of influencers see success involving their fans in Koji creation. When fans get to make games for or about their favorite influencers, they get excited about the content they’re sharing.  It’s an ideal way for YouTube video creators to grow their audience and engagement without expending serious effort on their part.

At Koji, we call these games Fan Games. We recognize that lots of influencers have eager, talented audiences who would love to collaborate on creating fun new content. That’s why we love to promote Fan Games! Audiences can post their Koji-based content online and @mention you, you can select content winners, and more.

If you want to really pull in your audience, consider implementing leader boards and other ranking features to keep the competition alive. We always suggest that influencers keep competition friendly– it’s better to have a happy audience than a frustrated one.

Premium asset packs

Influencers have the freedom to use Koji to create premium asset packs. These packs are purchasable by fans.

When a fan pays to use an asset pack, it creates a new revenue stream for an influencer. Influencers can select from two type of asset packs to alter and eventually sell:

  • Image asset packs
  • Sound asset packs

Asset packs are built around a structure referred to as scaffolds. They can be customized (and then sold) by remixing the asset pack scaffolds. Once you choose to remix one of these, you can add your own assets (sound or images) by dragging and dropping or bulk adding them into Koji.

Fans love to use tools custom-created by their favorite influences. If you’re feeling creative and ready to remix some sounds or images, you may be on the way to opening up a brand new revenue stream for yourself.

YouTube and Koji: The Perfect Match

If you’re using YouTube to connect with your audience, there could be a world of engagement right at your fingertips. Koji makes it easy for creators to excite their audiences and craft new content with fans. It’s an ideal way for video creators to share more of their personality, get viewers interested in their brand, and foster long-term viewership.

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