Influencer @BrandonZingale Surprises 452K Fans With A Custom Game

Cleveland influencer @BrandonZingale pioneers the new era of online content.

The new wave of influencer is here, and with all this cool tech at arms reach it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to content. Brandon is a thought leader. He innovates and hops on exciting new opportunities. When Koji first teased its blog post “Influencers + Games = OH WOW!”  @BrandonZingale reached out to collab on a fan game.

Within 48 hours, @BrandonZingale creates a basketball game based on the most popular Facebook game of all time.

It’s a fun, super addicting, highly engaging basketball hoops game. The game features @BrandonZingale’s face as the basketball and the Cleveland skyline as the backboard. He also recorded his own funny sound effects and included them in the game. The result is HILARIOUS!

You can play the “Brandon Hoops” Basketball game here.

PRO TIP: Brandon uses one of the Game Plugins to link from the game directly to his online store.

The game is posted to Instagram (Story + Video)

The great part about posting to an Instagram story is that the game works right away when using the “swipe up” link feature.

@BrandonZingale also recorded a video of gameplay to entice people to play and show off the fan game artwork.

One day later, the game is #3 trending on and THE CROWD GOES WILD!

People from all over the world are now playing Brandon Hoops and leave overwhelmingly positive comments.

Results are AMAZING. Audience growth. Engagement. And MORE!

  • 3,000+ plays in the first 24 hours
  • 70K+ video plays
  • 6,000+ new followers since the game posted
  • Link driving traffic to online merch store FOREVER!

@BrandonZingale’s game is a perfect example showing how Koji can be used to, grow your audience, engage fans, & make money.

To learn more about making Koji games for your channel, go to and have your own sharable fan game within minutes.