Influencer @YandiYand Gains Instagram Followers Using This Simple Trick

Like many influencers at YandiYand’s level, the hustle is REAL!

A Blogger. A YouTuber. An Artist. A Photo Journalist. @Yandiyand does it all. Why? Because she knows that being an influencer online takes hard work, perseverance, and just a little bit of luck.

YandiYand is always looking for new ways to up her social game and build her following. So when she decided to build a game for her fans YandiYand did not know what to expect.

YandiYand builds a game in minutes and launches the next day.

“The game was cool, I really liked it, it was easy– super straight forward!”

The Fan Game she created featured some of YandiYand’s favorite images from her Instagram and a beautiful beachside wallpaper image. You can try it out for yourself and play her game here.

The post goes live on Instagram. YandiYand links directly to her game using Instagram Stories.

“The [Instagram] stories were good…. A lot of people played from there”

In addition to using her Instagram story, she also created a full post. 24 hours later, the post becomes the all-time most commented post on her Instagram.

Furthermore, YandiYand reported a growth of HUNDREDS of followers within the first 24 of launching her game.

“I think I’m going to try it again, but this time with a different game to see what my audience likes, maybe even run a fan game contest”

YandiYand plans to continue to engage her audience using Koji games. According to her these games:

  • Take less time to make than a video
  • Have higher engagement than photos
  • Are fun to play

To learn more about fan games and growing your audience, visit the to have your own game online within minutes!