The Game Influencer Playbook: How To Drive Revenue and Increase Virality With Koji

Koji is a powerful new tool that helps influencers grow their channel, get more engagement, and generate new revenue opportunities. We’ve had many success stories and want to share what we’ve learned along the way so you can get the most out of Koji.

Step 1: Create a Custom Game

Creating a game is an amazing way to grow your channel. Until now, creating a game could take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. With Koji, you can create a game in minutes that your fans will love! You can watch our getting started video or follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to and pick a game that you want to remix
  2. Swap out assets to easily customize your game for your brand (you can change images, sounds, music, colors, and more!)
  3. Publish your game
  4. Share across socials (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and more)

If you want some inspiration, click here to view a list of games made about influencers. 

Step 2: Promote a High-Score Competition

To drive EXTREME engagement you can invite your fans to compete for a high score on your game.

  1. Choose a contest prize (e.g. signed merch, cash giveaway, a special shout-out, or something you know your fans will love)
  2. Make a dedicated video showing yourself playing the game. Check out the great promo video made by DeeterPlays below:
  3. Set a timeline (we recommend contests run from 2-5 days)
  4. Promote the game on your socials
    deeterplays game post
  5. Check out your game’s leaderboard and announce the winner!

Pro tip: you can collect your fans’ email addresses when they submit their names to the leaderboard so you can follow up with them for their prize. This is. also a great way to collect emails so you can form a more personal connection with your fans. 


Step 3: Host a Fan-Game Contest

This is a revolutionary way to engage your fans! One of the most powerful things you can do with Koji is to invite your fans to make games about you. Now your fans can create content that promotes you and your brand.

We’ve found that fan-game contests work best when they’re quickly announced after high score competition, as fans are eager for more interactive content.

  1. Create a video showing fans how easy it is to create games. Check out this great example from @DeeterPlays below:
  2. Provide your fans links to any special art, sound clips, or other creative assets you want them to use (optional)
  3. Chose a branded tag for fans to put in the game title when they publish, e.g. #INFLUENCERGame
  4. Plan to do a Livestream where your fans can watch you playing and commenting on their games. Here’s a great example from @CodePrime8:
  5. Announce the winners (you can choose your favorite fan game, or engage your fans even more by letting them vote for their favorite game)

Pro Tip: Once you get the hang of contests, you can have your audience producing content FOR YOU by hosting daily fan game contests. The trick is to offer smaller prizes and encourage your fans to share their games across their social channels.

Bonus: Fan-Game + High-Score Contest

Here’s another great tactic you can use: once you choose a winner from the fan game contest, you can then run a high-score contest using the game that your fan created about you! This is an awesome way to honor your fans, and to get extreme engagement while leveraging content your fans made for you!

Want more insights on the best ways to use Koji?

Join us on Discord and reach out to any of our Koji team members. We’d love to hear from you!

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