International Influencer Sini27 Makes Koji Game For Fans

Influencers around the world are using Koji Games to engage their fans!

Gaming YouTuber Sini27 creates a ton of gamer content for his fans in Croatia. His fans wanted a fun game they could play from their favorite influencer, so Sini27 made a game for his fans. The game features a rocketship blasting his logos away as it travels through space. Then he created a gameplay video to promote his Koji game, which you can check out here:

Koji Games are easy to create.

Sini27 had a game ready to share in about 30 minutes. The best part is that he can quickly swap out images, sounds, make updates, and more. Additionally, there are tons of useful plugins that help creators build better connections with your audience, link to other places online, and collect donations from fans. The Koji wallet feature even lets fans give tips to their favorite creators from within the koji platform!

You can play Sini27’s game here:

Fans LOVE playing games from their favorite internet celebs!

You can make your own game in minutes that your fans will love. Go to, remix a game, and try sharing your own game today!

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