Why You Need Video Comments

A major breakthrough in the way fans interact with videos

YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch; it doesn’t matter where. Until now, followers only had one way to interact with you on these platforms, and that was through text.

We changed that.

Tired = comments on videos

Nobody reads the comments on YouTube. Or even worse: they do!

Text feedback on videos produces little value and is a scary public forum with little moderation.

Wired = video comments

You don’t need text comments from your fans — you need videos!

This isn’t just followers talking to you. Video presents an opportunity for fans to broadcast themselves to the whole community around you.

You put out the call in your video, share it to your network, and watch the responses come rolling in.

Everything is viewable in an easily-shared experience that works directly inside any social network or mobile app.

Start a conversation

Video comments don’t only go one-way like a regular video. This is a fun interaction!

Use video as a way to ignite a conversation with many people all at once. Source video comments from your followers and then respond back to them: it all happens right inside your “link in bio.”

Host an “AMA”

Bloggers, podcasters, authors or anyone with some sort of expertise will love video comments as a way to host a video “Ask Me Anything.”

Anyone can view questions, your responses, as well as pose you new questions. All you have to do is direct them to your “link in bio.”

Crowdsource video footage

Video comments are your opportunity to put out a call to your followers to respond with video. So put them to work!

Need video for any type of project? Want a way to collect footage? Want people in other locations to show what life is like where they live?

Video comments are a simple solution for so many uses cases. Click here to give it a try!