Koji Brings Utility And Applications To NFTs and Web3

It’s no secret that the internet is constantly changing. From the “read-only” web (Web 1.0) of the late 90s to the current interactive and social web of today (Web2), the whole of the internet has evolved to meet the needs of its billions of users. And now, we’re seeing a new evolution of the internet: Web3.

But what is Web3? If you’re reading this and were interested enough to open this article, then you probably already know at least a little bit. But for the folks in the back, you can think of Web3 as a more decentralized internet.

Koji’s Web3 Scaffolds and Apps

In order to best facilitate Web3 development, Koji recently introduced native support for Web3 and has launched many new scaffolds that will make it much easier for Web3 developers to quickly create unique and innovative dApps with deep functionality and utility. Koji has already built out several Web3 dApps using these new scaffolds and toolsets. Check them out below:


Unlock with NFT

Unlock with NFT is a foundational app that creates utility and value for NFT owners, letting them lock exclusive content that is only unlockable by people who can securely verify their ownership of an NFT. It could be your own NFT or the NFT of another individual—you get to decide.

NFT Gallery

The new NFT Gallery app is a place to show off your collection of NFTs and gives collectors a cohesive space to publicly display artwork and digital assets.

NFT Message Wall

Think of NFT Message Wall as a forum only accessible through a verifiable NFT token. This app lets creators limit membership to a message wall to just users who have purchased an NFT token from a specific collection. Using Koji’s Web3 support, the app is able to verify this ownership seamlessly.

NFT Wall

Much like the new Message Wall app, NFT Wall lets you limit access to a link in bio guestbook by verifying ownership of a specific NFT token. Followers can post the NFT(s) they own from that collection as stickers and show off their cool digital assets to other verified NFT owners.

NFT Giveaway

NFT Giveaway is another way to provide utility for NFT owners. Followers are only able to enter the raffle if they own a verified NFT token from a collection of your choice. This is a great way to encourage purchases of specific NFT tokens and offer additional value to your followers.

NFT Secret Message

NFT Secret Message does just that: unlocks a secret message with a verified NFT token. The possibilities for messages you can lock behind this NFT gate are numerous. It could be a special discount code for a class you teach or your merchandise, a link to a new song/video sneak preview, or even a link to a poll specifically for the verified NFT owners.

Developer Scaffolds

These scaffolds were designed to make it easy for developers to get up and running with Web3 on Koji. Fork them, or fork any of the apps from the section above, to create something new.

Web3.0 Starter

Web3.0 Starter gives developers access to a myriad of Web3 tools to create dApps with seamless crypto wallet integration, account retrieval, message signing, and event subscriptions. Using these core components, developers can create a wide variety of dApps servicing many different needs.

Loot2 Starter Scaffold

Loot2 Starter is Koji’s take on Vine co-founder Dom Hoffmann’s own Loot Project and generates a list of randomized adventure gear (think gear suitable for RPG games) using a setseed. This generated loot item can have different rarities and values.

Generative Art Starter Scaffold

Generative Art Starter is a playground for generative art, abstracting boilerplate and allowing artists to focus on their core generator, instead of needing to worry about the rest of the app.

PFP Generator Starter Scaffold

PFP Generator explores the NFT trend of creating a series of randomly generated avatar variations and makes it even easier for these avatars to be generated. The scaffold allows developers to set a wide range of parameters to randomly create variations of certain avatar features quickly and easily. 

Final Thoughts

Koji is perfectly positioned for both developers and creators entering into the new world of Web3. New developer tools on Koji give developers a leg up in the Web3 development space making it easier and faster to turn ideas into next-generation apps with deep and diverse functionality. Likewise, anyone can easily utilize these new apps in their profiles across all social networks, lowering the barrier of entry for non-technical creators.

Have you tried developing apps with these new scaffolds? We’d love to hear your feedback! Twitter is the easiest place to get in touch—we’re @madewithkoji, and we can’t wait to see what you do with these tools.

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