Koji for Brand Giveaways

Giveaways have become an indispensable tool for any marketer trying to grow awareness, launch a product or facilitate engagement with their followers. Instagram is a favorite platform from which to launch a Giveaway, but a giveaway need not be constrained to just Instagram.

Using the Giveaway app is simple: say what you’re giving away, give a description, set some rules, add an end date, and then choose the requirements for entry.

Benefits Of Using the Koji Giveaway App

We’ve focused on four core benefits for brands as they explore Koji’s Giveaway app:

  • Frictionless Experience for Followers: A giveaway should not take a user to some far-flung corner of the internet where the giveaway itself is managed by a third-party. Koji’s Giveaway app keeps followers within whichever platform followers are engaging with at the time. Designing the look and feel of the giveaway, adding the copy, setting the mode of entry, creating a deadline, sharing eligibility rules and criteria, featuring the prize, and announcing a winner can all happen within Koji’s Giveaway app. All the above can be set up within a matter of minutes.

  • Engage Anywhere and Everywhere: Use your preferred social channels to drive followers to engage via your Koji Link in Bio. Or conversely, use a Koji link to share your Giveaway to your preferred social channels or website. Using Koji’s Giveaway app; your Giveaway can be seen and engaged with anywhere across the web.

  • Better Insights: Koji’s analytics suite provides additional information (localization, usage over time, etc.) about your giveaway by viewing analytics from within your giveaway. For brand marketers with their own preferred analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, easily add your preferred plugin for enhanced insight and metrics.

  • Take Your Giveaway to the Next Level: If you are trying to stand out in a sea of giveaways, Koji has you covered. Giving away an NFT…Koji has an app for that. Using an NFT as the mechanism for entry into a giveaway…Koji has an app for that too.

How to Get Started?

Koji’s Giveaway app is the lightweight and powerful giveaway tool that allows marketers to easily engage with and activate followers.

Brands will find that Koji’s infinitely customizable template for creating giveaways and ease of use provide a way to garner more and better engagement, resulting in better outcomes.