How To Schedule Events In Your Link In Bio

Merch drops. Product launches. Upcoming sales. IRL events. Big announcements…

Keep your followers in the know with Koji’s Event Calendar mini-app. Did you know, that supporters of a brand want to be part of a brand’s journey? That includes knowing how, when, and where to engage with a brand.

Koji’s Event Calendar creates a direct line of communication so brands and supporters can interact directly. Brands need not rely on a social media algorithm to spread the word about upcoming events that matter to their brand.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar offers a singular, uncluttered destination within the Link in Bio for brands to post and manage links to events, tickets, and promotional materials. Each calendar event is completely customizable and presented in a modern scrollable feed, allowing supporters to easily access these upcoming events by their favorite brands. The app directs supporters to the brand’s preferred links (website, TikTok, Instagram, etc.) and tracks analytics for how supporters are interacting with these links.

While the Event Calendar can live in a brand’s Link in Bio, brands can also share their Event Calendar as a distinct link across any web destination. Telling you supporters what’s on tap for the upcoming month is as easy as sharing a single link.

Drive interest. Drive engagement. Put yourself in the driver seat to tell your supporters what matters most to your brand.