The Best Link In Bio For Businesses

The Link in Bio represents a paradigm shift with regard to how brands communicate with their followers, supporters, and community, and is quickly becoming table stakes for brands. In an increasingly fragmented digital world, the Link in Bio allows brands to use a single link, portable to all corners of the web and compatible with every platform that matters to your brand, such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, to reach their followers.

As it pertains to brands, Koji has long felt that existing Link in Bio solutions lacked customizability and had limited functionality, particularly as it related to forging deeper relationships with consumers.

Koji, recently named #3 Most Innovative Social Media Company by FastCompany, is changing the game with their Link in Bio offering and ecosystem of 200+ mini-apps that can be launched inside of every social media platform to support brands’ marketing efforts.


  • You can use Koji’s Link in Bio apps to create direct dialogue with your consumers
  • New apps are added to the Koji App Store each week that capitalize on the latest internet trends
  • Make the Link in Bio the definitive stop for any follower looking to engage with a brand and have the most unfiltered and direct brand experience.
  • Some apps for brands
    • Send out a challenge where followers must submit a photo or video via the Challenges app
    • Create, Mint, and Sell NFTs using the Create an NFT app and the PFP Generator
    • Host a giveaway by using the Giveaway app
    • more apps to check out below…

How Brands Should be Using Koji Link in Bio…

…To Facilitate Dialogue

Marketing tactics continue to facilitate a brand’s ability to create 1:1 communication with a consumer, and Koji’s Link in Bio takes this further than ever, with dozens of Link in Bio apps that put brands and consumers into a direct dialogue. Whether it is an opportunity to participate in a call-to-action initiated by a brand, an invitation to share a favorite brand story, or a space to provide feedback on a new product, the Koji Link in Bio facilitates the ability for consumers to interact with brands in ways other mediums, even social media, cannot.

…To Move at the Speed of Culture

We often hear from brands “how do I tap into a cultural moment and create virality?” The answer: speed, speed and speed. Brands have legacy systems and structures that make it difficult to move at the speed of culture. Koji provides the ultimate solution.

First, brands can use the Koji Link in Bio as the fastest way to join a conversation across the web. Lightweight and easily customizable, the Link in Bio sits across a brand’s presence and acts as a unified megaphone to the entirety of a brand’s following. No longer does a brand need to figure out how their messaging or content will look on TikTok vs. Instagram vs. Twitter before finally engaging. By the time a brand can figure that out, the moment has often passed.

Second, Koji’s DNA of being built for creators means that our apps and platform are geared for quick execution. Koji has built 200+ mini-apps, which can be appended to and supercharge a Link in Bio. Koji’s mini-apps serve many functions including, but not limited to, creating and sharing content with followers, enabling embedded media experiences, providing tools to grow and manage followers, and facilitating e-commerce directly from the Link in Bio. For any of Koji’s mini-apps, customization and execution can happen in a matter of minutes, require no coding knowledge, and create efficiencies for any social media or communications team with responsibility for a brand’s social strategy and execution. Koji is built to help a brand join a cultural moment instead of missing it.

…To Meet your Followers where they are, and then bring them to your Link in Bio for their definitive brand experience

Brands will use social platforms to test and learn how to grow their following and it is rare to find a brand that succeeds equally across all platforms. A common tactic is to “daisy-chain followers”, where a brand tries to bring their followers from Instagram over to Snap then over to TikTok and so on. Instead of chasing your followers around the web, make the Link in Bio the definitive stop for any follower looking to engage with a brand and have the most unfiltered and direct brand experience.

Which Koji Apps can Facilitate for Brands

With 200+ apps available on the Koji app store, the below will provide a quick primer on which Koji apps can help brands deliver on the three use cases we just discussed.

Facilitating Dialogue

Brands are loving Koji’s Challenges app, in which a brand sends out a challenge via social media and followers participate by posting photos or videos of them completing the challenge in the app. Taking it a step further, brands can choose the best posts for inclusion, and, more importantly, attribution, across the brand’s owned social channels. Followers jump at the opportunity to show love for the brands they care about, but even more so appreciate when brands show love back.

Koji’s Polls app is a quick way to temperature check how your followers are interacting with your brand. Ask for feedback on a new product feature, thoughts about a new creative asset, or ask what brand collaborations your followers want to see next. The possibilities are endless, and empowering followers to voice their opinions engenders loyalty and builds brand equity.

Move at the Speed of Culture

Koji has a suite of apps that empowers brands looking to enter the conversation where web3 intersects with culture. For brands ready for their first foray into web3 and NFT culture, Koji has created the Mint an NFT app that lets followers mint a brand-related NFT. Brands more fluent in the NFT space can even create randomized brand-centric PFPs and deploy them as NFT collections using Koji’s PFP Generator app

For brands with cultural cachet, whose product drops become cultural events unto themselves, reward your most loyal followers with the latest and greatest products through Koji’s Giveaway app.

Engaging followers around conversations or viral moments that emanate from platforms including TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter has also never been easier with Koji’s ability to embed content within their Link in Bio.

Meet your Followers where they are, and then bring them to your Link in Bio for their definitive brand experience

The Laylo app is built around the idea that every brand needs to have a direct relationship with their followers. Brands use social platforms to build their followings, but ongoing communication is reliant on social media algorithms and follower behaviors (likes, comments, etc.) Laylo takes the guesswork out and makes it easy to collect phone numbers and email addresses from followers who want to be notified the instant you drop something new. All of your follower data is yours to own and you can send messages across SMS, Email, FB Messenger, and Discord anytime. 

For brands that see their Koji Link in Bio as a place to serve exclusive content not found anywhere else, Koji has the Unlock By… app. Unlock By… allows brands to upload and lock exclusive content, such as digital items (e.g. files, audiobooks, photos/videos, songs, etc.) and set engagement and interaction requirements for unlocking that content. Followers might have to do something as simple as follow a profile on Twitter or visit a specific website. The app automatically tracks the completion of these tasks and grants access to the locked content upon completion. 

Final Thoughts

The above only scratches this surface with regard to what Koji’s Link in Bio can do for a brand. Koji’s 200+ apps, coupled with an analytics suite for measuring engagement across all Koji links, and analytics plugins that connect directly with tools a brand might already deploy like Google Analytics or Facebook pixel, provide brands an opportunity to connect with, engage with and measure their followings like never before. 

For brands with any questions please contact [email protected] and we look forward to supercharging your link in bio!