Koji Helps Educate the World About Coronavirus

Educator Creates Teachable Moment with Koji

Good educators are always opportunistic about creating teachable moments, even when confronted with challenges in the classroom. One of these challenges recently presented itself to Mr. Tay Li-Cheng, a teacher at Raffles Institute, one of Singapore’s oldest schools. After a student at the school tested positive for COVID-19, the students’ mood was unsurprisingly, “a little gloomy”.

Li-Cheng saw an opportunity in form of a game, which turned the students’ mundane wipe down routine into a fun, interactive experience complete with a competitive leaderboard. He leveraged the power of Koji’s customizable templates to create the game in his free time between lessons one day.

“Times like these show the strength of the human spirit and the good in many, turning an unfortunate incident into teachable moments we can all learn from,” he says.

So far, the game has been viewed over 7,000 times, and the leaderboard is full of the names and scores of elementary-aged students who have been excited to play a game about cleaning. You can see the original post by Raffles Institute that was then reshared by Singapore’s Ministry of Education.

Screenshot of the Covid-19 Table Wipe-Down Game
The Covid-19 Table Wipe-Down Game

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