Koji Platform Makes A Splash at VidSummit 2019

In case you missed it… Koji went to the 6th annual VidSummit in Los Angeles, CA.

Run by Mr. Beast, Shonduras, and Derral Eves, the event gives YouTubers, Business Experts, Marketers the opportunity to network, share strategies, and talk about the business side of content creation.

Koji Creates Official Page for VidSummit Games

Throughout the event, players were encouraged to play one of the three featured VidSummit Games found on VidSummitGames.com.

Koji CEO, Dmitry Shapiro, amazes creators with powerful tools available on Koji

This year, Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Koji, spoke at VidSummit to thousands of YouTubers and shared the power of Koji games as powerful tools for monetization and engagement.

VidSummit attendees and speakers were blown away by Koji. Dmitry showed that apps and games can be created in minutes and for free by using Koji, which is something creators had only dreamed of until now. During Dmitry’s talk, Derral Eve’s son, Kelton (17), even went up on stage to show how easy it is to “Remix” any game on the platform.


From rapid game creation, to email collection, to monetization, Dmitry brings to light the best new way for creators to successfully use Koji to grow their reach, connect with fans, and to defeat the Adpocalypse.

Anyone can create games on Koji!

The best part was seeing people of all ages and skill levels at VidSummit used Koji for the first time and made games in as little as half an hour. By using Koji, creators have an easy way to generate valuable, monetizable content while growing and engaging their audience.

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