Laylo’s New Koji App Makes Sure Your Fans Never Miss a Drop

This is a guest post by Laylo, whose new Koji App lets your followers sign up for Laylo Drops from right inside your Koji Link in Bio.

When Grammy-nominated producer duo ODESZA decided to release an NFT collection, they knew that hype and awareness would be the keys to their success. However, instead of simply making promotional posts on Instagram, they took it a step further with a Laylo Drop.

ODESZA told followers to check out their Link in Bio and RSVP with Laylo to get a text message as soon as the NFTs went live.

Let’s just say, it worked. Within minutes of the NFTs dropping, the collection was sold out, and ODESZA had sold millions in digital collectibles.

But it doesn’t stop there. Over 80% of fans who RSVP’d for the drop on Laylo also opted in to receive future updates. So the next time ODESZA releases new merch, videos, or maybe even NFTs, those fans will all be notified.

Laylo is built around the idea that every creator needs to have a direct relationship with their audience. With Laylo’s new Koji App, you can easily add a Laylo sign up right inside your Koji Link in Bio. In minutes, you’ll be collecting phone numbers and email addresses from followers who want to be notified the instant you drop something new. The best part? You own all of the connections and data.

You shouldn’t have to rely on the social media networks’ news feed algorithms to make sure fans know when you release something new.

Get Started In Minutes

To get started, you’ll first need a Laylo Pro Account. (Don’t have a Laylo Pro Account? You can use the code KOJI to sign up and get 50% off your first month!)

Once your account is set up, head to your Settings page on Laylo to generate and copy your Laylo x Koji Secret Key (it’ll look like a bunch of random letters and numbers).

Then, edit your Koji profile and add a new app. Find the Laylo App and tap Use. Set your Call to Action and Description, and then paste your Secret Key and tap Save. Don’t forget to give your new App a catchy icon, and make sure it’s a Highlight so followers can easily see it.

That’s it! You can view collected emails and phone numbers on your Laylo Dashboard by tapping “View Subscribed Users” in the top left of the app, or by going to the Laylo website.

If you have any issues getting set up, please reach out to us. If you have a big drop planned, we’d love to hear about it!

– Laylo

Press Release via PRNewswire

About Laylo

Laylo is “Salesforce for Creators.” The company enables content creators to automatically notify their fans when they release new content, merch, and events. Fans choose to get notified via Text, Email, Facebook Messenger, or Discord, and creators own that fan relationship to notify their fans of all future releases. Creators using Laylo see seven times the conversion rate of traditional presale tools.