Local News Uses Koji To Add More Fun and Excitement To Their Story

The news increases engagement with relevant Koji games

Decanturish.com, a local news site in Scottdale, GA, has used Koji to enliven the news. A few months ago, there was a scathing article about how new city-installed planter boxes have become a nuisance.


A great opportunity to make the story fun and interactive

The article received a notable response, but the author, Ron Harris, wanted to take it to the next level – so he created a game using Koji:


You can play the game below:


“I just thought it would be a fun little thing to do, about something that is of issue in the community,” Harris explained. It didn’t take long at all, since it’s really just a gentle code fork of a pre-existing game. Took me maybe 10 minutes tops.” -Ron Harris


Ron plans on making more games to engage his readers

Harris said he’s working on another game about Decatur that’s a parody of the famous “Oregon Trail” called “The McDonough Trail.”

“It’s actually going to blow the doors off the planter game,” he said.


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