Michael Strahan Has a Baller “Link in Bio”

The NFL star & TV host expands his personal brand with a Koji “link in bio”

Hall-of-Famer Michael Strahan made some legendary customizations to koji.to/strahan:

Custom Video Background

Strahan takes advantage of the HD background to showcase his hard-hitting NFL highlights. 

The video background contrasts nicely with his color scheme, customized to match the NY Giants’ white-and-blue, of course. 


Strahan’s profile connects fans to his clothing lines at JCPenney, QVC, and the NFL Shop.

He also showcases SMAC Entertainment, his talent agency and production company.

Strahan’s “Link in Bio” also tackles some other impressive feats:

You Can Text Michael Strahan. Seriously.

Featured in the “Highlights” section of his profile is a link to send Michael Strahan a text message. How cool is that?

“Link in Bio” ties together followers from all Strahan’s social networks with one place to find out how to get in touch with him.

Email Collection

Strahan also uses email as a way to stay connected with his fans through a newsletter and regular updates.

The Email Collection add on is a simple way to use a “Link in Bio” profile to grow a subscriber list.

For more inspiration visit koji.to/strahan or read about supercharging your profile with add ons.