13 Year Old Musician @missbee Rocks A Game!

Miss Bee (over 1m subs on YouTube), the youngest daughter of the Eh Bee Family (8.6m subs),  launched a new game with Koji to great fanfare!

Miss Bee shares the exciting news about her new game on an Instagram Story!


Miss Bee lets her YouTube followers know her game is live!

This screenshot was taken on 08/16, only a few hours after posting. We already see thousands of likes and almost 100 comments.

gabi match youtube community


Miss Bee’s game, “Gabi Match,” goes live!

One special thing about this game is a plugin that allows the game creator to accept donations through PayPal. This integration makes it amazingly easy for creators to monetize their creations. People from all over the world showed up to play her game and make donations.

She had users come from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, Philippines, Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Brazil, and other countries!

Check out the game below:

You can open the game in a new window at www.gabimatch.com

*By the way, check out the custom domain 🙂 this is another great feature from Koji that creators love!

The result: Gabi Match is a huge success!

Miss Bee’s game drove a ton of engagement, reached fans all over the world, and showed impressive revenue through donations (significantly beating YouTube’s on revenue per thousand views).

Koji is excited to continue supporting the Eh Bee family and other creators to make fun and innovative games to engage their fans.

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