Social Media Star Nathan Triska Calls Fans to Battle by Creating an Online Contest

Nathan Triska asked fans to create One Direction-themed Space Invaders remixes.

Nathan Triska’s quick rise to stardom on Instagram & TikTok has been of little surprise; his humor and down-to-earth personality have amassed more than a million followers. 

Triska took to Instagram to launch a game contest using Koji’s Invaders template.

Nathan encouraged fans to enter the contest by remixing the classic arcade game with custom characters, background image or video, and music from One Direction. The winning game was reposted, with Nathan promising to play and review it on his Instagram.

Within days, Triska received hundreds of remixes from fans.

The winner: the head of Harry Styles gleefully annihilating his former bandmates with space lasers.

And because Koji works directly within social networks, Triska was able to creatively engage his fans without requiring them to leave Instagram.

Within seconds, fans were customizing their own game and entering in his contest, while having fun participating in Nathan’s viral challenge.

Check out Nathan Triska and the winning game below: