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Bonding With My Daughter Through “Fan Games”

Guest post from a father / daughter team of Koji game makers : My name is Paul, and my daughter Nikki is 15 years...
53 sec read

13 Year Old Musician @missbee Rocks A Game!

Miss Bee (over 1m subs on YouTube), the youngest daughter of the Eh Bee Family (8.6m subs),  launched a new game with Koji to...
51 sec read

DeeterPlays – YouTube sensation thrills fans with games

YouTube influencer increases his audience engagement using a personalized game made with Koji DeeterPlays is a Youtube broadcaster with over 155k subs. He was...
57 sec read

Influencers + Games = Oh WOW!

Influencers are using interactive content to make a lot of money, engage their audiences for long periods of time, and differentiate themselves from the crowd....
5 min read

Easily Teach Your Students To Create Web Games

Your students can create Interactive Games in one class period. Koji is a Platform for Creating Interactive Content that is being used by thousands of teachers...
3 min read

How To Create A GIF Thumbnail for Your Koji Games

One of the most important first impressions your game can make is its thumbnail preview. Naturally, in order for people to click on your...
2 min read

How To Make A Viral Game In MINUTES

Making games from trending online topics is now simpler than creating a video or writing a blog post. The internet is a magical place...
58 sec read

The Complete Guide To Creating An Amazing Template On Koji

If you’ve stumbled upon Koji recently, you’ve probably seen all the amazing templates on the front page. If you’re thinking of creating a template on Koji,...
5 min read

Create A Custom Koji Profile Page

That’s right! Custom Profiles are here…and they are AWESOME! Take any published project on Koji and turn it into your Koji profile page. Here’s How: Create...
22 sec read

Remix Any App, Make It Your Own

There is a new platform that allows anyone to remix all kinds of apps and games. Remixing Apps & Games Is Easy. Find an existing...
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