Why Musicians Need Galleries For Fans

A key component of cultivating a strong online presence as a musician is creating unique virtual experiences for your supporters. Koji makes it easy for you to produce these opportunities for fans directly in your link in bio. 

One of these mini apps, Image & Video Gallery, allows musicians to connect with fans on a deeper level without extra legwork. Below, we’ll showcase how musicians can leverage link in bio galleries to connect more with their audiences. 

Why Should Musicians Use Image & Video Gallery

Image & Video Gallery provides you and your fans a private space to enjoy exclusive photos and videos. By hosting this mini app in your link in your bio, you can showcase fan art, show BTS shots, and tap into different aspects of your artistry to connect with your audience. 

This mini app gives you the opportunity to integrate some of your top supporters into your content. It’s easy way to connect with your favorite fans and strengthen your connection with them as an artist. 

How Does Image & Video Gallery Work? 

It doesn’t take long to set up Image & Video Gallery in your Koji link in bio. This mini app lives directly in your link in bio so that fans can enjoy your gallery from any browser. Fans don’t have to leave their original browser to enjoy your Image & Video Gallery

To craft a gallery, add the Image & Video Gallery mini app to your link in bio. From there, you can upload video and photo files to your gallery, provide captions, and select a layout for your gallery. You can customize your link text and icon to let your fans know exactly what type of content they can expect. 

How Should Musicians Use Image & Video Gallery

There are endless ways to utilize Image & Video Gallery as a musician. Here are a couple of ideas to jumpstart your first galleries: 

  • Create a BTS gallery for photoshoots and events
  • Make a meet-and-greet gallery
  • Craft gallery for different stops on tour
  • Share fan art 
  • Showcase fans wearing your merch 
  • Test out alternate social media layouts and aesthetics
  • Build a mood board for future projects
  • Showcase the process behind crafting a song or full project 
  • Tease future songs and demos 

How To Promote Image & Video Gallery 

The best way to get your fans to enjoy Image & Video Gallery is to consistently promote your custom mini apps. Here are a couple of ways to promote your galleries to fans: 

1. Find Ways To Showcase Your Fans In Your Galleries 

Don’t just feature your own content in your custom galleries, showcase your fanbase. This could be pictures from meetups, waiting in line for your show, or faces in the crowd while you’re performing. Doing so will incentivize fans to regularly interact with your link in bio. 

2. Share Your Galleries Outside of Your Link In Bio

Fans won’t be able to check out your content if they don’t know it’s there. Plus, Koji mini apps have plenty of built-in sharing features so that you can seamlessly direct your audience to different content funnels. Share your custom galleries via your social media stories, or even print out a QR code on your merch table directing to a gallery of different fans modeling your t-shirts. 

3. Create Different Galleries For Different Occasions 

Remember, there you can create an unlimited amount of gallery types for your fans. So, be sure to test out different kinds of galleries, each with its own link text and icon to appeal to various subsets of your audience. When it comes to piquing your fan’s interest, customization is key. 

4. Make Your Gallery A Place For Exclusive Content 

The main value prop of Image & Video Gallery is offering your fans exclusive content that they can connect with on a deeper level. Make sure you’re regularly updating your galleries with new, exclusive content that your fans can look forward to. You can even create a regularly updating day so that your fans know to check out your galleries on a certain day. 

Image & Video Gallery creates a simple yet effective space for you and your fans to connect on a deeper level. Enjoy building these experiences for your audience! 

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