Pixeel Uses a Group Story in his ‘Link in Bio’ to Make Truly Interactive YouTube Classes

This YouTube star asks fans to share their work inside his Link in Bio, where he reviews and interacts with them.

Pixeel runs a successful YouTube channel showing anyone how to create beautiful photos for social media using PicsArt.

Until recently, he found fan submissions unmanageable. Not only was he receiving photos from followers on YouTube, but they were coming in through all his other social accounts and even his e-mail as well.

Adding a Group Story to his profile was the perfect solution.

Now it all happens right inside his Link in Bio. Pixeel directs followers on all social networks to visit his profile and submit their photos into the Group Story he’s created.

Fans have clear messaging about how to reach him, and it’s eliminated the barrage of direct messages across all his platforms.

His viewers are encouraged to share these design edits with him, as it guarantees he’ll actually view them. In many cases, fans get a shout-out from Pixeel himself.

After receiving questions about what else artists can do with their Link in Bio, Pixeel showcased how to monetize photo edits using the Premium Photo template.


You can see more of Pixeel‘s videos over at YouTube.


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