Profit, Engage & Grow: Your “Link in Bio” Can Do It All For You

Koji takes the “best of” the web’s functionality and puts it to work with your social followers

Until now, “link in bio” has been synonymous with a simple list of links like a Linktree.

This new class of “link in bio” profiles from Koji is here to completely wipe that idea from your mind:

It’s not just the most customization of any “link in bio” product that sets these profiles apart. They’re powered by Kojis: instant experiences for your profile that work inside any social network or mobile app.

“There’s a small community of developers that’s taken all the best functionality scattered across the internet–things like payments from Stripe, video requests from Cameo, email collection or even games–and made lightweight versions anyone can customize and use in their link in bio,” says CEO and co-founder Dmitry Shapiro.

New Kojis are released every week in addition to an already-comprehensive collection. Here are some highlights:

Make Money

Koji “link in bio” profiles offer countless opportunities to monetize.

Tip Jar is the most popular: a customizable way to ask your network for contributions and take credit card payments right inside your social media “link in bio.”

Video requests aren’t just for celebrities anymore! Anyone with a following or expertise on a topic will find value in selling personalized videos, and a menu for any type of custom request you want to offer.

“Link in bio” is also the perfect place to sell Exclusive Articles, Podcasts, Downloadable Files and offer photos or videos for your followers to unlock.

Click here for a deeper look at creating passive revenue streams in your “link in bio.”

Engage Fans & Distribute Content

Your “link in bio” ties together all of your social networks into one space that’s yours to express yourself without boundaries.

Why keep distributing your content on social media when you can instead direct everyone to an interactive space that’s under your full control?

Inside your “link in bio” a follower isn’t just looking at your links; they’re streaming your music, viewing your content, playing games you’ve personalized with your own characters, and so much more.

Again: this all happens right inside your profile. Unlike a list of links which sends users off to different sites, every Koji works instantly.

New spaces for your profile’s most important calls-to-action help to promote the top content you want people to engage with. Use “link in bio” to maximize engagement for an article, a podcast, or even a specific social media post.

Grow Your Following

Your social profiles are what every potential fan sees first, so it’s critical that you use your “link in bio” to engage new followers.

Running a giveaway is a no-brainer. Everyone has something to raffle off to fans from a private video call to event tickets or a copy of your new book. Your “link in bio” profile runs the whole thing for you and also works to grow your subscriber list.

Sure, you can straight-up collect emails for your newsletter or personal following. But do you want to have fun while doing it? Because you could be using games like Space Invaders to grow your subscriber base.

Social media followers of all kinds love exclusive content: it’s a way to reward your fans and draw traffic to your “link in bio.” It’s also a great way to collect emails!

So simple but powerful: try letting followers “unlock” a photo or video by entering their email.

Koji profiles redefine “link in bio” with powerful ways to profit, engage, and grow your following.

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