Promoting Stand Up Comedy Through Interactive Posts

Dry Bar Comedy Promotes Comedians Using Games

Live entertainment is on the rise in a world where any ticket is one click away. This comedy channel is turning towards interactive media. Dry Bar Comedy, a popular channel known for its wholesome humor, is using Koji interactive posts to promote top talent on their platform.

Play the Game. Preview the Comedy.

Each unique interactive post lets the player preview a short bit of the comedians’ live set. The games are also themed to match the jokes in the set. The interactive posts were promoted on their social media channels to an audience of about 5.2 million people!

The Crowd Goes Wild!

Then, the audience engaged in a BIG way, playing thousands of times.

Interactive posts drive traffic.

The best part about these interactive posts is that they actually use a simple yet effective call to action button that drives players to the promoted website.

In this case, fans get a chance to preview the content through the post, then are linked directly to Kellen Erskine’s full comedy set on YouTube.

Try playing the game for yourself to see how it works!

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