Remix Culture: Koji and TikTok

At Koji, remixing is an integral part of creating and sharing content. Users who remix using templates on Koji can share their creations across the web. It’s easy to link to content from virtually anywhere; and, because templates are so customizable, users have limitless freedom to create whatever they want.

Koji serves as a one-stop-shop for a range of user needs. Whether somebody wants to share something simple or alter a template until it’s virtually unrecognizable, they’ve got the tools to do it. Koji facilitates remixing– and remixing facilitates success.

How Koji is Similar to TikTok

A Quick Look at Remixing

If you’re looking to understand what positions Koji as a TikTok-esque presence, you need to know what remixing is first. Once you know a little more about remixing, it’ll be easy to recognize the features that TikTok and Koji share.

The good news is that “remixing” in this context is basically the same idea as the “remixing” you already know about. In TikTok’s case, users can remix content using creative music and video effects. Platforms like TikTok and Koji that allow their users to remix content give them the power to:

  • Start with a base of existing content
    • In Koji’s case, this content is a game
    • Users can select from a broad range of base templates
    • Classic target-based, puzzle, etc. games available
  • Add their own personality and creativity
    • Koji users have access to a range of capabilities that allow them to customize their games
    • From sound effects and music to various image assets and more, Koji serves up plenty of additional content to help users personalize base content
  • Launch their own new content
    • Because Koji allows for link sharing anywhere, it’s simple to get your content out to whoever you want to see it
    • Content can be used as advertisements, as an educational tool, and even just for fun!

The best thing about Koji is its flexibility– whatever you want to do, Koji is up for the task.

Shifting Towards Remixing

Experts in the media, digital, and social media sectors agree that remixing is in. A quick glance at these industries’ history shows that we’re currently experiencing a rapid shift in how people engage through social media.

Today’s web users are relying on different platforms to create and share content. Most of them use an arsenal of social media hubs to connect with the world around them. People record videos on TikTok, post them to Instagram, and then those shared Instagram posts are turned into YouTube compilations. People create on Koji and gain access to share across Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a range of other social media platforms.

Koji’s Remixable Templates and Extensive Sharing Capabilities

Koji and TikTok mirror each other in a lot of ways, but Koji stands out from the crowd thanks to a host of great features. It was created with remixing in mind– both in-app and across social media platforms.

One key attribute that sets Koji apart from platforms like TikTok is the level of shareable interactivity that Koji offers. A TikTok video can be shared, embedded, or linked to in plenty of places and ways. Koji posts can too; they can also be interacted with on a much deeper basis than just clicking a play button.

Koji users can take advantage of fun, customizable, totally remixable game templates to personalize and share with other web users. These game templates allow users to create interactive posts that can be “played with” across platforms. Koji members can access:

  • The ability to tweak gameplay and code
  • Image assets
  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • …and more!

Creations on Koji can quickly and easily be shared via a link anywhere on the web. That means that no matter who you want to see your content, you can get it into the hands you want.

The Benefits of Interactive Posts for Social Media

…for individuals and families

Interactive social media posts help social media users connect with their friends and family. They’re an easy way to remind someone they’re on your mind or brighten a tough day. They can also be used as educational opportunities as a growing number of children and parents turn to online resources for home-based education.

…for brands

There are no two ways about it (and if you have marketing experience, you know it): consumers love interactive posts. Place yourself in the buying position (don’t pretend like you don’t make purchases, too) and think about the brands that you get excited to buy from the most. If they’re at the forefront of your mind, we’re willing to bet it’s because they shared something (probably via social media) that you interacted with.

Whether it was a “swipe up,” a poll, or something else, it was just one example of an interactive social media post. Koji allows users to make interactive content and post it anywhere they want it most. If your content grabs your audience’s attention and gets them pushing a button or typing a response, it’s already doing its job.

Start Creating on Koji

With remixing set to define the future of social media, there’s little doubt that creators need a powerful remixing platform. Koji is that platform. With easy-to-use templates and practical remixing tools at your disposal, there’s no limit to the content you can craft. Koji makes it easy to:

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