How to Run Giveaways and Promotions in Your Linktree or Any Link In Bio

The Giveaway template manages your promotions and randomly selects winners.

The process of running your own social media giveaway is drop-dead simple.

Choose your own background or custom video, enter a brief message, and then decide what information you want to collect from your followers:

That’s it! You’re off and running on your first giveaway. Share it to all your social networks, put it inside your Linktree, or use your shortened link to drive traffic to your giveaway from your link in bio.

“But I’m not famous and I don’t have anything to give away,” you say?

No matter how many followers you have, you can always promote a stronger connection with them. Here are ideas for giveaways anyone can run:

Offer a private video call to a lucky fan.

Give your followers a little of your time to get to know them! It’s a fun and easy way to give something out, while collecting valuable email address and contact info right through your Linktree or social media bio.

Raffle off the chance to play you at the game of your choice.

We’ve already discussed how livestreamers can make money through their Linktree. But how about also leveraging the awesome power of giveaways to attract new audiences and strengthen your connection with current fans?

Offer up the chance to join your stream, challenge you at your favorite video game, or join your online poker table!

Give away personal items.

Your craft, hobbies, heirlooms and vintage clothes don’t just belong on Etsy. Leverage the power of promotion and give away some of your items to attract new customers to your online store or your social media profile.

Exponentially grow your email list just by giving away one item!

You can read more about the full features of the Giveaway template in the Koji Template Store.

Gift followers the chance to win tickets to your upcoming event.

Performers of any kind should be monetizing their link in bio with a Tip Jar and more. But performers should also be putting that Linktree to work with merch giveaways and raffles for free tickets to upcoming events.

Energize a new audience of followers in each city you visit. Grow your email subscriber list and use giveaways as a fun, engaging way to attract fans to your online offerings!

Hand out copies of your book or e-book.

Authors, we hear you: you don’t want to do social media marketing for your books; you want to write.

The Giveaway template was made with you in mind. Set up your ongoing promotion in minutes and it’ll run itself right from your link in bio.

Your followers don’t even have to leave the network or app they’re using in order to enter the giveaway.

Got a Linktree? Direct followers there to enter your giveaway and explore your other links.

Selling an e-book? Use your giveaway to drive followers to buy your book right inside any social network.


Visit the Koji Template Store for more ideas on how to engage your followers, find your real fans, and to grow your subscriber list.