Single mother of two starts new gaming business

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Happy Father's Day

I am a 48 year old single mother of two

I work in the insurance business, but in my spare time, I’ve started a new venture – Special Occasion Game Maker.

This is kind of funny to write, as I am no technophile.  My computer is ten years old, and I have never studied computer science.

I found out about Koji from a friend, watched the Getting Started tutorial, and started making games 30 minutes later.

I love making my friends happy, and love sending them physical photographs of beautiful photos from their lives (that I find on Instagram and Facebook).  Koji has inspired me to go beyond that.  I am now creating games for all kinds of special occasions; Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, etc. and sharing them with my friends.  They LOVE them <3

In fact, they love them SO much that I am starting a small business of making games for other people.

To say thank you to the CEO of Koji (who is also my close friend), I asked him if he would send me an audio of his three kids saying “we love you dad, happy fathers day”, and then 30 minutes later sent him this (I got the photos, with his permission, from his Facebook profile):

Happy Father's Day


He insists that it makes him cry every time he comes back to play the game.