Custom Cam: Your Own Social Media Photo Booth

Use Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram & any social account to crowdsource photos with your custom design.

You no longer need to cram into a photobooth to get a strip of photos with friends and strangers. Now you can leverage social media to collect those photos through Custom Cam!

You design the frame

This is a fun and powerful way to get your social media followers collaborating: give them a custom frame.

Similar to an Instagram or Snapchat filter, your followers take pictures inside the frame you’ve designed. The responses are organized into a gallery that’s perfect for sharing on social media and in your “link in bio.”

Start with a basic option like a polaroid frame or a label like 💪vaccinated.

Or create your own! Upload any image with a transparent background to get your followers taking photos inside your custom design.

Share with your network

Start a viral wave! Spark support for a cause! Or use it just to be a goof.

You can use any photo or gif as your prompt, along with a custom message.


Custom Cam is perfect for online events, social gatherings or groups of friends. Within a few seconds you can create & share a prompt for your followers to add photos into a gallery everyone can watch together in real time.

It’s a fun and quick way to interact with your followers and crowdsource some great selfies!

Your Custom Cam continues to grow as new submissions come in. You can keep it open or choose to moderate the photos as they come in.

Who’s going to use this?

Gamers & livestreamers can use it for audience participation and to start viral trends.

Custom Cam is a mind-blowing spin on a photo booth at a live event like a wedding, conference, or festival.

Use it for promotion, marketing, & awareness around a cause or social movement.


It happens instantly

Kojis are mini-apps that work directly inside any social network or mobile app

This means that Custom Cam is an instant experience wherever your followers encounter the link, whether that’s inside their Instagram feed or through your “link in bio.”

Your personally-designed photo booth is a lightweight experience that engages followers without taking them away from your content.

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