Start Selling Ebooks For Free In 3 Easy Steps

Selling ebooks isn’t just a great way to connect with your fans, it’s also an awesome way to start making passive income, according to full-time creator Anastasia Blogger

Fortunately, you don’t have to opt-in to expensive subscriptions or host a website to start selling your own ebooks for free. Below, we’ll detail exactly how to start selling your own ebooks through the lens of Anastasia.

Why Sell Ebooks?

Ebooks are one of the best digital products to help you make a steady income with on social media. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of ebooks is that they are a low-risk opportunity that any creator can benefit from: 

“Ebooks are one of the best digital products to sell since they don’t require any upfront investment other than your time and energy. With Koji, you don’t need any expensive platform to host your Ebook.” – Anastasia Blogger

Any content creator has skills that can be taught to their audience. In today’s age, you can post and profit directly from your custom guides without requiring the middleman of a publisher or hosting subscription. 

You no longer have to depend on a publisher or storefront subscription to help you sell your ebooks, either. Creator platforms like Koji enable you to sell at your own price directly to your audience on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, email newsletters and other social media platforms. 

What Kind of Ebook Should I Create? 

Your ebook should be focused on the unique needs of your audience and niche. Naturally, this varies from one creator to the next, but here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • If you’re a foodie: Perhaps share some of your favorite recipes or a guide to favorite food pairings or tasting. 
  • If you’re a small business owner: Share your journey to success and tips on how you got to where you are now. 
  • If you’re a musician: Make a guide to your favorite exercises for your instrument. Build an ebook detailing your strategy as an artist. 
  • If you’re a fashion influencer: Create a style guide or lookbook that can help your audience put outfits together. 
  • If you’re a filmmaker: Share some tricks of the trade on how to make an effective YouTube video or short. 

There are endless ways to make a successful guide for your fans. So long as your topic provides genuine value to your audience, it’s worth writing about! 

How To Start Selling Ebooks For Free In 3 Easy Steps 

Selling ebooks via your social media and other online platforms only takes 3 easy steps. Use this framework to build your own ebook storefront for free: 

1. Make Sure You Have Your Ebook Ready To Publish 

Obviously, you need to make sure you have an ebook ready for your audience. Take the time to create a guide that will provide your fans with true value, and as noted by Anastasia in her YouTube video, don’t skimp out on the cover! A great cover and table of contents can make all the difference and can easily be designed using free services like Canva

2. Sign Up For A Koji Account

Once you have your ebook ready to go, sign up for free on the social commerce platform Koji. Koji gives you hundreds of shoppable social media Kojis that work together with your stories, videos and posts, and that help you sell anything to your social media audience. You’re also given an optional link in bio to place directly in the website sections of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for convenience. 

3. Start Selling Your Ebook 

Once you’ve signed up for Koji, it’s time to start selling your ebook! Simply add and configure the Sell Ebooks and PDFs Koji. In the Koji, you can upload your ebook, a cover photo, description, and set the price for your ebook before setting it as liv, ready to link to from your social media. 

From there, your audience can purchase and download your ebook directly from your Koji without leaving their original browser. It really is that easy. 

Selling Ebooks For Free FAQ

Are you ready to open your Ebook storefront? Consider these frequently asked questions and answers to help you jumpstart your ebook journey! 

How can I sell my ebook for free?

You can sell your ebook for free by listing it on a creator platform like Koji. This free ecommerce platform for social media allows you to set your ebook’s price and sell directly to your audience through the power of social media. 

Where is the best place to sell your ebooks?

You should sell your ebooks wherever it’s most convenient for your audience. Selling your ebooks through a creator platform like Koji is incredibly convenient since it allows your fans to purchase your book through any browser via single-click transactions. 

How long does it take to make an ebook?

Just like any other product, an ebook can take very little or a lot of time depending on your skill set. It might be helpful to set goals for the amount of pages you wish to complete on any given day to help you consistently progress toward your goals. 

Selling ebooks doesn’t have to be complicated. Hopefully, this guide makes it easier for you to build your own ebook storefront so that you can create another stream of passive income as a creator. 

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