Strengthen Your Relationships With NFT Premium Inbox

Relationships are at the heart of your NFT community and they make your community strong. The NFT Premium Inbox mini-app gives you the ability to develop relationships with fans by opening up a direct line of communication between you and each of your fans who own your NFT, and in this way, this app can be a major asset for your community. 

Keep Your NFT Community Messages in One Place

Having one inbox where you can collect all the communications from your NFT community is a very convenient thing, and NFT Premium Inbox fills this need. 

  • It lets you create a direct message inbox for all owners of an NFT collection and keep these messages neatly within the app. 
  • It also helps keep all NFT-related communications separate from your email or your other social channels that may be filled with unrelated messages.

NFT Premium Inbox works by allowing followers who own an NFT within a specified collection to unlock access by connecting their crypto wallet to show proof of NFT ownership. Then the NFT owners can directly send messages with you. 

You can use this inbox as a venue for brainstorming what to do with your NFT project next. Ask your NFT holders what they want to see next from you, and what they think would make your NFT community even better. Your NFT Premium Inbox is the perfect place to curate these ideas before implementing them in real life. 

Your NFT Premium Inbox can be used in conjunction with other Koji Web3 mini-apps to give insiders a feeling of belonging to your NFT community, and these feelings help strengthen your ties to these community members. 

Build Your Community Through Relationships

With a dedicated inbox for just holders of your NFT, you’re ready to start building meaningful one-to-one relationships with your followers. By forming these relationships, you’ll be growing your community with strong individual ties and this will provide a strong foundation for your community to thrive.

Another benefit to using the NFT Premium Inbox is that it provides an outlet where you can get to know your fans and followers on a personal level. You’re opening up a line of communication directly with fans who were dedicated enough to buy your NFT, and it gives you the chance to thank them for being part of your community. 

Reward the Owners of Your NFT With Personal Access

The NFT Premium Inbox mini-app is also the perfect tool to give your fans some personal attention. Think about the excitement you would feel if you got the opportunity to communicate with one of your role models or a well-known public figure for the first time and get some personal attention from them!

After all, not every one of your fans will be invested enough to buy your NFT, so reward those ones who make the investment. A little personal attention can turn your fans into advocates and champions of your work. It feels good to be able to give a little love to your fans, too!