Stuck at Home? Engage Kids in a Fun Activity with Educational Benefits

With COVID-19 landing kids at home for several weeks, boredom seems to be taking hold.

  • Parents are overwhelmed with remote work, endless cooking, and round-the-clock cleaning.
  • Teachers are going crazy with streamlining the unexpected remote learning process.
  • Kids have already played all the available games, watched all the latest cartoons, and downloaded all the fun apps.

Imagine a solution to all of the above problems. We’ve found it. With Koji, you can create fun and exciting games to improve the learning process and win the battle against boredom.

Let’s look at a few benefits why parents, teachers, and children need this learning tool during these trying times and beyond.


5 Key Benefits for Parents

The unwanted and unplanned confinement had the toughest effect on parents, who suddenly became teachers, tutors, coaches, cooks, and entertainers. They have to juggle hundreds of responsibilities and manage to earn money at the same time.

How can Koji make their lives easier?

1. Spare Time

When children are using Koji to create games and play them, parents enjoy a moment of free time. Be it taking a nap or having a cup of coffee, minutes when your child is engaged in something fun and educational are priceless.

2. Faster Learning

When teachers use Koji to improve their virtual lessons, kids have an easier time digesting information. As a result, parents can cut the time they spend on helping with homework.

Meanwhile, children who are truly immersed in the learning process are less upset and agitated with the lack of after-school entertainment.

3. Quality Time Together

While Koji is aimed at children’s education and entertainment, it doesn’t mean adults can’t take advantage of it as well.

You can spend time with your child creating games and playing them. It could be a nice way to get away from the daily routine and learn something new.

4. Important Knowledge

Even though children don’t need to learn how to code to create games with Koji, the source code is always available for all projects. You can use this opportunity to learn coding and teach your children the basics.

Coding doesn’t just tweak thinking skills, boost creativity, and improve academic performance, it provides an investment in the future. According to a study by Burning Glass Technologies, jobs that require coding skills pay $22,000 per year more than jobs that don’t.

5. Free Access

Koji is 100% free. So you don’t have to worry about spending extra money in these trying times. Just the opposite, the platform can help you earn an extra buck.


5 Key Benefits for Teachers

Some people think that teachers have less work since all kids are at home.  In reality, they are having a much harder time keeping students focused and getting information through.

With Koji, teachers can streamline the learning process and help children adapt to the new reality.

1. Fun Learning

When it comes to catching children’s attention, adding some fun to the process always works. By taking full advantage of Koji games, teachers can make learning entertaining. Meanwhile, they can improve the interaction process and keep children excited about remote education.

2. Interactive Experience

What teachers miss the most about the classroom environment is the ability to interact with children, see their reactions, and make decisions based on them. Koji games help teachers create interactive experiences.

Even though it is somewhat different from what a brick-and-mortar classroom can offer, a game could be an excellent source of feedback.

3. Important Analysis

Games give teachers a highly important tool – the ability to analyze children’s performance without manually checking their work. Leaderboards don’t just show a teacher how well a student is doing, they help children understand their abilities better.

4. Looking into the Future

When people’s lives start returning to normal, they’ll realize that “normal” isn’t the same anymore. The struggle to streamline remote interactions will change the world.

Learning how to integrate games into the learning process can turn out to be a vital skill. It can help both teachers and children adjust to the new world.

5. Free Access

Since Koji is 100% free, teachers or educational institutions don’t need to spend money on the new tool.


5 Key Benefits for Kids

While kids don’t have to worry about keeping their jobs, the world has changed for them too. Children love routines. Being pushed out of their normal way of life is both physically and psychologically tough.

Koji games can help kids adjust to the new way of living, assist with learning, and bring a lot of fun into the picture.

1. Fighting Boredom

When you are stuck at home, it’s hard to come up with new and fun things to do. Watching TV or playing computer games gets boring pretty quickly.

With Koji, children can use their imagination to create fun and exciting games while learning something new.

2. Interacting with Friends

Kids miss the ability to interact with their friends tremendously. While visiting is out of the question, it’s still possible to play together.

With Koji, children can share their games with others and compete for the highest scores.

3. Playing while Learning

As teachers are integrating games into the learning process, children can take full advantage of the fun. Remote learning can stop being tedious and become truly interesting.

According to research, superior learning takes place when classroom experiences are enjoyable and relevant to students’ lives, interests, and experiences.

In short, when children are having fun, they are learning faster. Koji can help make such learning a reality.

4. Discovering Something New

The world of game making is just as (or even more) exciting as game playing. By diving deeper into the process, children are discovering something new about their interests, abilities, and passions.

5. Bridging the Gap between Generations

Even though both children and parents are stuck at home, the latter are busier than ever. When parents have free time, their forms of entertainment often differ from what children prefer.

With Koji games, it’s possible to bring two generations together and create a fun family tradition.

Take Full Advantage of Fun and Educational Activities

Koji is designed to be easy, entertaining, and helpful. If you don’t know where to begin, we have helpful videos, informational Discord chats, and interesting Twitch Streams.

Try Koji today!

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