@BeastBoyShub Breaks 300K+ Game Views on Koji Within 48 Hours! Here’s How.

Mega-gamer @BeastBoyShub dreamed of one day having his own game BeastBoyShub, an internet celeb from India known mainly for his streams & videos featuring...
2 min read

@FunkySquadHD Grows Channel With Branded Game Contest

Fans get to play the first-ever @FunkySquadHD game! @FunkySquadHD ran a contest for his fans to compete playing his custom game. The winner would...
31 sec read

@CodePrime8 Runs Fan-Game Contest to Increase Engagement and Virality

@CodePrime8 invites his followers to create custom Fan-Games. Over 20+ games submitted! Heath Haskins, @CodePrime8, launched an amazing fan-game contest! Check out a replay...
36 sec read

@CodePrime8 Gets Amazing Fan Reaction From Custom Game Contest

Fans go wild for game contests based on their favorite influencers Heath Haskins, known as CodePrime8 to his followers, launched an exciting game contest...
1 min read

DeeterPlays – YouTube sensation thrills fans with games

YouTube influencer increases his audience engagement using a personalized game made with Koji DeeterPlays is a Youtube broadcaster with over 155k subs. He was...
57 sec read