Easily Teach Your Students To Create Web Games

Your students can create Interactive Games in one class period.

Koji is a Platform for Creating Interactive Content that is being used by thousands of teachers to build all kinds of interactive things in the classroom.

Looking for a creative activity where students can make their own Games?

Your students can create their own game within one class period. Koji has built-in tools that allow anyone to quickly swap images, sounds, text, colors, etc. All your students need to do is find something that they like and start customizing.

Creating an App or Game involves 3 steps:

  • Pick a game — There are many games, and new ones are added every day.
  • Remix it — Customize it with your own graphics, sounds, colors, text game settings, etc.
  • Save & Share — Once published you can share the link anywhere.
Here’s a little (20-second) explainer. 🙂

Are you teaching your kids to code?

Koji is the perfect onboarding activity for any first-time coding student. With the easy-to-learn interface, you can run several “Learn To Code” & “Build Your Own Game” Activities throughout your next semester.

Rather than walking your students through all of the complex setup (which could take up the whole class period), you can start from a template and start coding the important things that actually make the application run right away.

Or… you can design your own template to kick off a classroom activity, though there are already thousands of apps and games to customize on Koji… and new things being added daily! 🙂

You can make customizations to an app or game without any code, but Koji also allows anyone to dive right into the code of any project and make changes to it. No need to build from scratch. All of the templates that are featured on withkoji.com are well commented, well documented, & easily editable.

These apps are also instantly shareable via a unique link and do not require any kind of download or install, thus empowers your students to create and share their creations with friends, family, other classes, etc.

Remixing on Koji is easy, takes minutes, and ANYONE can do it! Try remixing a project and then using it as a template for your students to remix during a classroom activity!

How does Koji Work?

The whole process typically takes less than 15 minutes per gameand can be customized without even touching code.

Koji games do NOT require app stores, downloads, or installs. Instead, Koji games are just web links that can be shared via social media and run on ANY device/browser. They load instantly when someone clicks on the link. This makes it incredibly simple for someone to view your game.

1. Find an existing game on WithKoji.com

There are thousands of games to choose from. You can see what’s trending…

2. Click on the “Remix” button directly below the game.

3. Customize the game

Change colors, images, sounds, game rules, and all kinds of other things.

4. Publish & Share it with the world.

Once you finish customizing, click on “Publish now”, fill in some info, and add a thumbnail image/gif. You will get a link to the live game on WithKoji.com

Did we mention that it’s all FREE to use? 🙂

Check out this video tutorial to help you get started and create a game in MINUTES!

Learn the basics of Koji!

Here are a few fun games to remix for your next classroom activity. You can try them out & play them here! Then click remix to customize!

Fruit Slicer

Based off of the popular Fruit Ninja game, unlock your student’s creativity and slice more than just fruit.

Shoot it (Basketball Game)

Shoot the ball into the hoop and display fun messages!

Space Invaders

A fresh twist on a classic arcade game. Learn about animations.

Tower Stack

Stack many things on top of one another. Get a perfect stack and earn bonus points!

Sound Pad

Have students create their own soundboards!

Gem Match

A match 3 game based off of the popular game Candy Crush.

This is only scratching the surface of what is available on Koji. There are thousands of things to remix and new things being added daily.

Try Making Interactive Memes

They say that memes are the way to a student’s funny bone. If you can make them laugh, you’ve got them engaged… and engagement is the pathway to meaningful learning.

Create School Fundraiser Apps & Games

You can raise money by creating apps and games in Koji. Easily implement PayPal payments in your app by enabling a popup for your app that will prompt the user to donate through PayPal.

Match For Red Cross— a game to sign people up for a blood drive and collect donations.

There’s a lot for teachers to love about Koji ❤

  • Engage students through humor via interactive memes
  • Unlock student creativity by allowing them to create games
  • Help the school by creating interactive fundraisers
  • Create an accessible onramp for students to learn code
  • Empower your students with through STEAM education.
  • 100% FREE TO USE!!!

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