The 10 Most Innovative Social Media Companies of 2022

3.08.22The 10 Most Innovative Social Media Companies of 2022



For supercharging link in bio

Social media platforms have been notorious for their limitations on using links in posts, hence link-in-bio services were born. At their core, link-in-bio services allow users to link to their multiple sites (official websites, merch stores, subscription-based platforms, and so forth) from one link. Koji has emerged in an increasingly crowded category to make the link page a more dynamic part of a creator’s brand. In 2021, Koji pivoted from powering user-generated mini-games and meme content to focus on link-in-bio features, including tip jars (a way for followers to tip creators), a paywall to offer premium content, paid video requests (similar to celebrity shout-out app Cameo), and even allowing users to sell ad space on their profile. Koji’s standard link in bio is free (some competitors charge a monthly fee), but the company takes a cut from the certain apps they offer to creators. More than 120,000 creators are using Koji, with some creators making more than $10,000 a month from its services.

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