The Best Link in Bio for NFT Owners

Web3 For Social Media

Access powerful NFT apps that extend your Link in Bio

Promote, Display, & Sell your NFTs

No more linking out to OpenSea. Display any collection or wallet in a beautifully designed gallery. Let people buy your NFTs using Crypto directly inside your Link in Bio.

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Lock up premium content for NFT owners

Owners can connect their wallet for verified access to exclusive curated content. Lock up images, videos, downloadable files, and more. Compatible with Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase wallet, Rainbow wallet, and 25 other crypto wallets. 

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Go Beyond AirDrops with NFT Giveaways

Host your own NFT giveaway in minutes. Use it to gather emails, gain followers on social media, and build awareness around your NFT project.

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Works seamlessly across all social media

All apps in your Koji Link in Bio open directly inside YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and more. No more linking out to other sites, making it simpler for your supporters to access your content.

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Add utility to any NFT project

Whether you are an artist creating a new collection, or an owner, you can add value to an NFT community in minutes. Use Koji’s suite of free apps to host NFT exclusive media walls, message boards, unlockable premium content, and more.

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