The Best Linktree Alternative According to This Personal Growth Expert

A TikTok, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook “link in bio” that makes money & engages your followers

Digital Entrepreneur and Personal Growth expert Aurelius Tjin uses his “link in bio” in all sorts of effective ways.

Koji’s “link in bio” profiles feature customization of everything from video backgrounds to button shapes and styles, as well as a range of interactive add-ons. Here’s what Tjin uses in his “link in bio”:

Tip Jar

There’s no easier way to make money on social media than a “link in bio” Tip Jar like Aurelius Tjin uses in his profile.

Tjin calls his tip jar Buy Aurelius a Coffee. It’s a passive revenue stream that took seconds to create.


Newsletter Sign-Ups

Aurelius utilizes his Highlights section to promote his most important calls-to-action. First on that list is email collection.

It’s critical for Aurelius to grow his network and utilize all the different ways his “link in bio”  can expand his subscriber list.

Selling Tutorials, Online Courses & Merchandise

Aurelius offers hundreds of free tutorials like the one you see above. But his “link in bio” is where he sells premium content.

There are Product Creation Tips, various Online Courses, and Personal Growth videos available exclusively to his fans.

You can also pay for video requests. Aurelius has fun while monetizing his connection with fans answering their questions and comments in a paid video response.


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