The Best Linktree Alternative

Meet Koji, the “Link in Bio” that’s light years ahead of any alternatives

Your “Link in Bio” profile is a critical tool for engaging and monetizing your followers.

It can’t just be a cookie-cutter list of URLs. Your “Link in Bio” is your digital space to express yourself and grow a following online.

The first difference you’ll notice right away are Koji’s stunning HD backgrounds — an important way to introduce yourself to your “Link in Bio” visitors.

There’s also a Highlights space for your most important calls-to-action.

But the differences between Koji and all the other “Link in Bio” services go far deeper than surface appearances, so let’s dig in and evaluate:

Interactive Profile Add-Ons

This is where Koji is far beyond any other “Link in Bio” service: every profile is powered by a growing collection of mini-apps with new profile add-ons released each week.

These instant experiences take place right inside your “Link in Bio,” creating an effortless way to interact with your audience.

Add-ons range from fun engagement activities like games, surveys and giveaways to all sorts of ways to grow subscribers and sell content.

New Ways to Earn Money

Many of Koji’s interactive add-ons offer unique ways to monetize your social media followers.

The most popular is Tip Jar: a simple but powerful way to take Paypal and credit card payments through your “Link in Bio.”

Video Requests aren’t just for celebrities on Cameo anymore. With Koji’s Video Requests add-on, everyone can finally get paid to make videos for followers with a much lower transaction fee than Cameo.

Have your audience pay for your time, a phone call, and any type of personal request.

From podcasts & articles to exclusive photos & videos, you can sell any type of content right inside your Koji “Link in Bio.”

Play Media in Your Profile

Again, Koji Profiles are so much more than a boring list of links. They also stream your favorite music, distribute your podcast, and play videos to your “Link in Bio” visitors.

The Shortest Link for Your Bio

Every Koji account gets a custom link at — at six characters long, it’s the tiniest domain of all the “Link in Bio” services.

More importantly, it’s incredibly easy to communicate and share.

Or if you prefer, Koji lets you host your “Link in Bio” on any domain you already own.

Koji Has Great Analytics

Other “Link in Bio” services think that paid professionals are the only ones who need features like customization and analytics.

Koji thinks everyone is a pro, so all accounts come with a powerful Creator Dashboard that includes analytics.

You’ll be able to track every aspect of your “Link in Bio” as well as the performance of each add-on in your account.

Transfer Your Linktree With One Click

Thankfully it’s incredibly easy to turn your old Linktree into a Koji “Link in Bio” profile.

Just paste the URL of your Linktree into Import an Existing Link in Bio and it’ll appear immediately with the style and HD background you’ve chosen for your Koji profile.


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